Top 20+ apps for Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 is one of Nokia’s prized productions and is a device which has a 41 MP rear end camera. It sure is a treat for photography lovers and runs on Windows Phone 8 processor.  The Windows Phone app store is one of the largest and most popular app stores in the world and consists of thousands and thousands of apps.  This app store consists of apps over a range of categories such as gaming apps, entertainment apps, music apps, video apps, photo and video apps, utility apps and several other wonderful categories.

Getting confused which app to download and which to leave is natural with so many apps to choose from. But there are a few apps which are an absolute must have on Nokia Lumia 1020 and for your convenience we have compiled a list of some of the top apps for this device. So download these apps and enjoy a whole new experience on your device.


Facebook is a social networking platform which allows you to connect with your loved ones across the world and is a compulsory app to have on Nokia Lumia 1020. This is the most popular and most downloaded app in the world.


Facebook App

Download App

Instagram Beta

This is a wonderful photo editing and social networking app which lets you connect with friends through the medium of photographs. This is a popular and high rated app which has millions of fans in the world.

Instagram Beta App

Download App


This is a wonderful music app which gives you offline access to a whole wide library of music and is popular among millions of fans across the world.  This app lets you create your own playlists as well.

Spotify App

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This app lets you create your very own photo studio wherever you are.  It is a mobile photo editor with amazing effects and lets you discover the inner artist in you and experiment with pictures you love.

PicsArt App

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Vine is one of the best video making platforms available on the Windows app store. It lets you create wonderful and creative videos and share it over all the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.

Vine App

Download App


this is a wonderful instant messaging application which lets you send and receive messages, photos, and videos and enables you to easily connect with your friends and family from your phone.


Download App

Xbox One Smart glass

this application is a good companion for Xbox One and can be used to connect and control your Xbox.  It lets you stay connected with the game and gamers all over the world.

Xbox One Smart glass App

Download App


Skype is a free instant messaging and video calling app which connects you easily to the people you love, no matter where you are. The call quality is superb on this app.

Skype App

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Dark Lands

this is one of the best games that your Nokia Lumia 1020 can have. This is an entertaining, addictive game which is basically an epic battle runner action game on Windows app.

Dark Lands App

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This is an app through which you can save HD photos, resize them and adjust their zoom level.  This app works in collaboration with Nokia Camera app and is popular all across the world.

Sozoom App

Download App

Photo Editor

This is an amazing photo editing app which lets you edit, crop, add effects, add borders and do several amazing things like a professional photographer. This is a free to download app.

Photo Editor App

Download App

My Talking Tom

This is a fun app for all kids and toddlers as it lets them get entertained By Tom Cat and comes with beautiful colors and graphics. This app is popular in 135 countries.

My Talking Tom App

Download App

Hipstamatic Oggl

This is a lovely app that lets you add new features so that you can create image albums and discover inspiring photos from all across the world.  This too is a free app on the Windows app store.

Hipstamatic Oggl App

Download App


This is a cloud based service app which gives you 10 GB of cloud storage that you can access over multiple devices.  This app has been downloaded by 20 million people in the world.

Box App

Download App

Tetris Blitz

if you are a fan of the good old game of Tetris then this app will really please you and entertain you. It comes with a superb gameplay and lovely appealing graphics for a good gaming experience.

Tetris Blitz App

Download App

The Sims FreePlay

this is another gaming app which lets you design your dream home and all swimming pool and multiple stories to it too.  For all of those who are creative, this is a great game.

The Sims FreePlay App

Download App

Angry Birds

this is by far one of the most downloaded and popular gaming apps in the world which has a set of Angry birds ready for action. With awesome graphics, this is a must have app.

Angry Birds App

Download App

Nokia MixRadio

if you enjoy music and love radio, you must download this app on your Nokia Lumia 1020 right away.  It is a free music streaming service with no ads or distractions.

Nokia MixRadio App

Download App

Nokia Modern Mayor

this is an app in which you play the Mayor of your city and control the city’s pollution and help it become a green and thriving place to live in for the citizens.

Nokia Modern Mayor App

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this is a natural handwriting note taking app which lets you jot down all important points and is easy and flexible to use.  This is a free app and is an absolute must have for everyone.

Papyrus App

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