Top Apps for Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia’s Lumia series of phones are known for their features, built and the fact that they all run on Windows Phone OS. One such handset is the Nokia Lumia 925. This device is a budget price phone which sports a 4.5 inch display screen and is powered by a dual core processor ticking at 1.5 GHz.

Running on Windows OS, users can download several useful and productive apps on this handset. The Windows app store has apps based on several different categories and for people of all age groups including gaming apps, utility apps, health apps and many others.

Of the many apps present on the app store, it gets difficult to select some of them.  Thus for your convenience, we have listed down some of the best apps covering all the different categories.  The following are top apps for Nokia Lumia 925 that will add to your overall experience of using your handset.


This is one of the best possible apps which you can download on your Lumia 925. This app lets you edit your pictures from your mobile device itself and makes you an artist for producing high quality images.

PicsArt Windows Phone App

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Skype is one of the best free video calling apps present on the Windows app store. This app enables users to not only make free texts but also free voice calls as well to anyone in the world. This is a very high rated app which is popular world over for its ease to use and superb features.

Skype Windows Phone App

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For all the movie buffs out there, Netflix is one of the best apps available. This app is basically a large library of movies and TV shows which you can get access to on your phone itself.

Netflix Windows Phone App

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This is a professional yet easy to use photo editing software which has several special effects and editing tools that can transform your simple pictures into professional looking snaps.

Fotor Windows Phone App

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BBC iPlayer

If you love watching TV shows on your mobile phone, then this is a must have app for you. You can download this app to enjoy shows in high quality on Nokia Lumia 925.

BBC iPlayer  Windows Phone App

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This is the best video streaming platform in the world and surely the most popular one as well. It has millions of videos in high quality and is a free to download app which totally gets you hooked. This app allows you to upload our own videos as well.

YouTube Windows Phone App

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This is a multiplayer gaming app which has 10 immersive levels in which you are required to fight and move onto the next one. It has amazing graphics and a superb gameplay.

NOVA 3 Windows Phone App

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UC Browser

Apart from the phone’s inbuilt browser, millions and millions of users have downloaded this special browser app which is easy to use, very smooth and has many interesting tools and features.

UC Browser Windows Phone App

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Civilization revolution

This is a paid gaming app which lets you lead your own civilization and become a great leader in the history of mankind. This app is a superbly addictive and interesting game with powerful graphics.

Civilization revolution Windows Phone App

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This is a messenger app which allows users to connect to their friends and family and also lets them make unlimited free calls and texts.  This app has more than 440 million users worldwide.

Line Windows Phone App

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Despicable Me: Minion Rush

This is an app that is based on the popular movie which has excellent graphics, cute characters and an interesting gameplay.  This is a free gaming app in which you play as a minion and complete fun and fast paced challenges at each level.

Despicable Me Minion Rush Windows Phone App

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