Top 15 Christmas Apps for Windows

Christmas, the season of love, joy and sharing. Everybody loves the season for its cold, holiday spirit and the approaching of another new year.

Christmas Bells Free


The air feels magical and everybody is at their best. The festive mood gets to you and makes you want to swing to those carols and make merry.

This year, let your phone celebrate the season along with you with a collection of the best apps for your Windows Phone. Nothing can get better than having a complete Christmas-makeover for your phone.

You can download the set of best apps on the store and make the most of your phone. Here they are.

Christmas Hunt

What’s fun without Christmas games? Denham Software Solutions has this very cheerful puzzle game for kids. This app is a hunt game which is Christmas themed, by the name itself.

You need to help Santa and his little reindeer gather Christmas related items so that the puzzle is complete. There are 12 different levels of this app that are packed with fun and excitement that a kid would love to play with.

In a scene, the player must identify and tap on required items like cookies, presents, stockings, bells and so on. This will develop indentification skills in a child at the same time, he is having fun.

So download this app for free and let the kids do some learning this festive season.

Christmas Hunt

Download Free Christmas Hunt App

Christmas Ringtones

As soon the season begins, you would want everything to be in the same holiday spirit as you are. You would want everything around you to be ringing the Christmas tunes.

So you’ll be out looking for some good Christmas music to set your ringtone. Christmas Ringtones has just the right list of songs and clips for you.

You can use any of the long list of songs as your ringtone, message tone or even alarm tone. This app offers you with over 70 songs that you can choose from including, Angels We Have Heard On High, Bethlehem, Jingle Bell Rock and many other versions of Jingle Bells.

So you can showcase your Christmas spirit by customizing your phone’s ringtone, message tone and alarm tone with the best Christmas tunes for this season. You can download this app for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Christmas Ringtones

Download Free Christmas Ringtones App

AE City Jump – Christmas

The adventurous stick-figure game is one of the top free apps on the market. The game features a shadow figure that you need to get across buildings by using a rope to jump over the gaps.

This is a single-tap game that has the endless game mode. It has a smooth user interface and bright graphics. The game follows the same principle as the NinJump game, only this is horizontal running.

The app has a dramatic background music with new challenging bonus levels. The game gets you addicted to it in no time and soon, you want to beat your own highscore.

The Christmas edition has a beautiful snowflaked background with present-like looking buildings to jump onto and the lead character wearing a santa hat.

Nothing can get you into a better Christmas spirit. You can find this app on Windows Store and download it for free.

AE City Jump - Christmas

Download Free AE City Jump – Christmas App


This is an all in one app that you must have on your phone this Christmas.  The app has a countdown until Christmas that reads in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

It gets exciting each time you look at the app counting down the time until the best time of the year. The countdown feature has a very ornamental backgroundfilled in red and cold bringing out the spirit of Christmas.

The app also has a set of 25 Christmas messages that have been preset for you to choose from. If you like a message, you can share it with your loved ones by forwarding the SMS.

Also, there are 25 Christmas wallpapers that will bring out the best of your phone. Coming to the most important feature, the gift list. Often we have something on mind but end up missing out somebody on the gift list.

This can’t happen anymore with the Gift List option that will allow you to name the person and your gifting ideas and a ‘purchased’ check box which you can check when you purchase the gift.

This way, you can’t miss anyone this year. Although the app says it’s free, it only applies for the downloading of the app. All the other features must be purchased. But whatever you spend on this is worth it. Find this app on the Windows Store.


Download Free Christmas App

Christmas Time Pro

Another one of these countdown apps, only this countdowns in milliseconds too. Christmas Time Pro is a great app that allows you to enable countdown on your Windows phone and has a very good Christmas look all over the app.

The app countdowns until the day of Christmas and the countdown ends and you can see time freeze and Santa deliver gifts and at midnight, the countdown for the next Christmas begins.

364 days 23 hours and so on into milliseconds. The app has different backgrounds for you to choose from. A snowman, Santa and a Christmas tree.

You can set any of these as the background to your app and keep checking your countdown to Christmas and cherish each moment. The app is so simple that users have reviewed that even their 3 year old kids could look at it and remind themselves of how much time is left until Christmas.

So this wonderful, simple and never-ending app is available on Windows Store for free.

Christmas Time Pro

Download Free Christmas Time Pro App

Christmas Bells Free

If you ever wanted to play the joyful Christmas tunes but never got to ’cause you didn’t know how, then Christmas Bells Free is the app for you. The music app has a list of the best and most popular Christmas songs and tune that you would love to sing and play.

The play along and sing along feature is a very helpful one. You get to play the great tunes by simply tapping on the bell for that particular note.

The note-by-note guidance helps you play the complete song and displays lyrics for you to follow the song and sing along. It is one of the best apps on the store which has the best play along feature.

Also, there is a sleigh bells mode to this app that you can opt. You can jingle all you want this Christmas with this user friendly app that makes your season melodious.

It is an app very much loved by the users and frequently requested to add more and more songs. You can just not get enough from this app. You can get the app from the Windows Store and download it for free.

Christmas Bells Free

Download App

Christmas MusicBox

Christmas MusicBox is an app that has the best collection of some Christmas hits. The app clearly sets the mood for Christmas and brings out the joy and cheer of the season.

The list of songs include It’s the most wonderful time, Christmas is all around, Jingle Bell Rock and many other songs that brighten up the atmosphere.

Christmas tunes are loved by one and all it cheers up the surroundings. The songs in this app are by some of the great artists of all time and are assorted.

It is a highly rated app and loved by many although more famous songs can be added. The best part of the app is that you can choose any of the songs to be your ringtone.

You can save all of the songs as ringtones and have yourself answer a call each time to a different ringtone. Have yourself a merry little Christmas by getting this app from the Windows Store for free.

Christmas MusicBox

Download Free Christmas MusicBox App

Christmas List

For some, Christmas is all about making others happy by getting them gifts. The most important task is keeping a track of people, things you want to buy and how much you want to spend. Christmas List does the job for you.

The beautifully desgined app has a welcoming background of bells and leaves that gives you a very warm inviting feeling. Also there is a snowflake background that you can choose from.

The app has the best features of keeping a list of all the people you want to buy presents for. Not just people, it also has a column for the things you want to buy for the persons and how much you want to spend for it.

This budget making helps you keep things in control and checks off whenever you’ve made the purchase. The Pending list appears on top as a reminder.

Also, there is a countdown of the number of days left until Christmas to give you the push that you need. You can check the summary and email the list to anyone you wish at any given point of time. This app is available for free on the Windows Store.

Christmas List

Download Free Christmas List App

Christmas Factory

Christmas Factory is a fun-filled game. If you always wanted to be a superhero, this is your chance to save Christmas. This is an imaginary situation where Santa’s elves have gone on strike and Santa can’t do everything by himself.

So it is your turn to produce as many gifts as possisble to finish the goal and win the game. A set of four levels to outsource one billion presents. If you’re a fan of Cookie Clicker, you are going to like this game.

Once you start playing this game, you will get addicted to it in no time. It is a game packed with fun and adventure and gives you the thrill of being Santa’s helper this Christmas. You can download this game for free. You can find it on the Windows Store.

Christmas Factory

Download Free Christmas Factory App

Days Until Christmas

Days Until Christmas is a countdown app that shows you how many days left until Christmas. The app updates the live tile and keeps reminding you of how many days to Christmas.

You can keep an eye on that and plan what you want to do and the things that have to be  done before Christmas. You can change the background color of the app by choosing among red, blue, green and others.

You can check the More Apps option for more features and apps. It leads you to some of the best apps on the store. Holiday Countdown is one of them.

If you love a holiday and want to make the wait worthwhile, you must get the Days Until Christmas app for sure. All you need to do is to go to the Windows Store and download the Days Until Christmas app. It is simple and free without any other fooling around. Get it now.

Days Until Christmas

Download Free Days Until Christmas App

Christmas Ease

Christmas Ease is an all in one app. It is a collection of many other mini-apps to get you into the best Christmas mood. In the app you can find a Christmas snowing ball which you can keep staring at all day long.

There is an advent mistletoe for kissing, and a calendar. A Christmas tree that can be decorated in all the ways you want, making it look the best. You can choose the ornaments that go on it and where you want them to be placed.

The app also has a category for jokes. You can now enjoy Christmas jokes on this app. Also, you can find Christmas recipes all at one place.

It also has a countdown to Christmas Eve, telling you how many days are left. Although there are a few mispells in the app, it is a cute and all in one app. You can download it from the Windows Store for free.

Christmas Ease

Download Free Christmas Ease App

Bubble Burst – Christmas Rush!

One of the best puzzle games on the market. If you are a fan of Candy Crush, Jewel Star and many other similar games, you will love this game for sure.

Bubble Burst – Christmas Rush! is an app that has very good graphics and great game-play. The game is Christmas themed especially for this season.

It is decorated beautifully and instead of bubbles to pop, you have Christmas ornaments that you need to match by colors and burst them.

The app has a Christmas as well as New Year theme that you can enjoy this festive season. Don’t just play it, in some logical thinking and make the biggest combo of same colored ornaments.

It is an extremely addictive game that people of all ages would love to play, kids and elders. So download this app this season and make the most of it. You can find it on the Windows Store and install it for free.

Bubble Burst - Christmas Rush!

Download Free Bubble Burst – Christmas Rush! App

Christmas Cards

Can’t find the time to send greetings by post anymore? Christmas Cards is an app that helps you personalize and send digital Christmas cards to your loved ones.

The app has a very good set of features for a festive app. You can select a card from the 44 different styles and designs and customize them by adding family, individual or couple pictures from the Photo Hub.

You can crop, rotate and adjust the picture to fit in the cut out for the photo. There are a lot of fun and funky cards that you get to choose from.

It is a great app to send Christmas greetings through cell phone and e-mails. You can also alter the font, font size, color and length of your message.

The app is available in 5 different languages including English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. If you’re looking out to send your best wishes to your friends and family, you must get this app for sure.

You can find it on the Windows Store and purchase it for $1.99

Christmas Cards

Download Christmas Cards App for $1.99

Pandas vs Ninjas Christmas

This is a Christmas version of the game Pandas vs Ninjas. The animated game has a history that has never been told. A fight between Pandas and Ninjas is so old that nobody remembers why they are fighting.

The game is to support the Pandas and help fight the dark Ninjas in their struggle. The objective of the game is to clear all the ninjas in a level with the minimum number of shots.

So get a highscore and share it with friends. This cute game will get you addicted to it in no time. Play this adorable game with its new Christmas look which makes the pandas look even cuter than ever before.

Every background is Christmas themed. Also the background music is. The new improved graphics will make you fall in love with this app. You can download it from the Windows Store for free.

Pandas vs Ninjas Christmas

Download Free Pandas vs Ninjas Christmas App

Jewels – Christmas Rush!

Jewels is another of the top-selling apps among the famous surf games and bubble bursting games. Jewel Star has a new version especially for Christmas.

If you are a fan of King’s Candy Crush Saga, this is a game that will knock your socks off. The Christmas Rush version is a fun-filled Jewel game where you have to match the same colored jewels and create combos with the longest.

The Christmas edition has the jewels look like reindeer and santas with its cute costume party. It has a very good user interface and good game-play.

You must download this app this festive season and I bet, you’re going to love this puzzle game. All you need to do is download this absolutely free game from the Windows Store.

Jewels - Christmas Rush!

Download Free Jewels – Christmas Rush! App

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