Top Fashion Apps for Windows Phone 8

If your phone is one of the accessories that define your personality, you’ve got to live up to the image of the Windows Phone 8 and keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends and have a know- how of everything that goes on in the fashion world. Don’t worry, the Windows Phone 8 brings you the latest apps for the ultimate fashion experience. You can forget about all your fashion related worries and read on.


Fashion - Windows 8 Fashion App

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This app has been especially designed for an easy access to the designer blogs with the latest updates and fashion trends by famous people in the glamour business. It lets you browse within the app and its runway view is another great feature. Bored onboard a flight? This app even works in the airplane mode and supports offline reading too!


Vogue - Windows 8 Fashion App

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If you love page 3 and are always curious to know about the latest happenings,  stylish parties, glamorous fashion shows, backstage access, insider interviews, this is the app designed especially for you. It brings you the daily news, photo galleries, celebrity news and much more. It is just as great as the magazine if not better.


Zara - Windows 8 Fashion App

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Nobody is unaware of the hot brand Zara and its widespread popularity which is growing by the day. Zara, the online shopping app has the widest collection of latest fashion collections for people of all ages, genders and sizes. You can shop while you travel, work or even do your chores. It lets you find the nearest stores, look for latest styles, scan the barcodes, et al. It doesn’t get any better.


Mirror - Windows 8 Fashion App

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Heading for a meeting and anxious about your perfect look? Here’s an app that takes all your worries away. As the name suggests, Mirror is not just a conventional mirror but also a front camera that lets you use your phone as a make-up mirror on the go.

You can use it in its monochrome, zoom and freeze features and even allows you to take pictures and saves them in the photo gallery. Difficult lightings are not a problem anymore either as the monochrome feature takes care of it too. That perfect and confident look is just a Mirror touch away.

360 Fashion

360 Fashion - Windows 8 Fashion App

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360 Fashion brings you the world of fashion from in and about the latest fashion news. From latest blogs to news articles to videos and what not, you have it all served on a platter with this classy new app for the Windows 8 smartphones.

360 Fashion is one app that also lets you keep a track of the latest news and also select how many articles you read and after how long they will be refreshed. Coverage of the latest fashion shows, photo galleries, celebrity gossip, inside news and everything you wanted to know about, all in one place called 360 Fashion.


StyleSaint - Windows 8 Fashion App

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Dressing up in the morning can take a toll on you especially while choosing what to wear, and proves the biggest hurdle that needs to be crossed. Wasting the precious early morning time is a thing of the past with the great app StyleSaint in your Windows Phone 8. Choose from the handpicked images selected by the esteemed StyleSaints around the globe and save them in your StyleBooks for future references.

StyleSaints guides you on how to pair and match your dresses like never before, and exposes you to tutorials that ensure you look your best. StyleSaint comes with an amazing feature that lets you create your own digital fashion magazine with your selected images, collection of your best dresses at your fingertips.

Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips - Windows 8 Fashion App

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BeautyTips is your complete body care app. From head to toe, hair to skin to nails, it is your complete beauty guide which will ensure that you look healthy, pretty and confident at all times during the day. Pimples, black heads, dark circles and black spots will never be a thing to worry about.

Say hello to glowing and spotless skin, healthier stronger hair and get remedies for all your skin and hair related questions. Get instant and handy tips on how to maintain beautiful hair and lively skin. Get ready to startle everyone with the brand new you.

Men’s Style

Men's Style - Windows 8 Fashion App

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Most fashion apps are dedicated to women these days. Why should men be left behind? This app is dedicated to styling men and the best people in the business give advice. Catch the latest in men’s fashion, latest fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York.

L’Wren Scott

L'Wren Scott - Windows 8 Fashion App

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We bring L’Wren Scott to your Windows Phone 8. Her latest collections, photo galleries, finding and locating her stores across the globe to a place near you, here’s the L’Wren ScottExclusive app. Moreover, you have intriguing updates on back stage coverage, fashion shows and her designs, all at the touch of your fingers.


Fashion8 - Windows 8 Fashion App

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Fashion8 is your fashion friend and critic. It gives you a feedback and advice on your photos which need to be clicked using the app. It gives you advice on dressing for parties, choosing the right colors and shades which look best on you and your body type.

This app is designed for both the sexes and is a fantastic app which gives suggestions based on climate, body types and your user profile. So just sit back, relax and upload your pictures and rely on Fashion8 to dress you up perfectly for your office, parties or a formal meeting.

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