Top Fitness Apps for Windows Phone 8

It’s tough to maintain a strict fitness regime in our day to day busy schedule, but thanks to the latest apps in Windows phone, you don’t need a special trainer to get going anymore. These specific fitness apps do the job of a personal trainer, a dietician, a running coach and a physiotherapist in digital applications, and are always free to give a consultation. So here you go – the top fitness apps to help you get into shape.


Runtastic - Windows 8 Fitness App

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What’s the point in pursuing anything, if you can’t have definite results to compare to? Well if that’s what’s preventing you from running further, then Runtastic is the perfect app for you. Equipped to measure anything, the apps can monitor a number of parameters, including distance covered, calories burned, elevation, wind speed and all other essentials for runners

Workout Scheduler

Workout Scheduler - Windows 8 Fitness App

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Feeling lost at your new gym or just finding it too expensive to pay for a personal trainer? Either way, Workout scheduler is the perfect app for you. The app guides you through entire mind-boggling process of scheduling day to day exercise at the gym. Know what to do next and shape your muscles perfectly with this neat little app.

Gym PocketGuide

Gym PocketGuide - Windows 8 Fitness App

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This free app is powered by that constantly streams you with all the necessary information you need about working out at the gym. Whether its advice or reducing fat, or a stretch exercise for an ever persistent cramp, you can find them all using this smart app.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker - Windows 8 Fitness App

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Most of us try to avoid the treadmill for running and prefer the road to burn those extra calories off. But even in such cases, you need an expert analyst to see how you’re doing, and that’s where the Endomondo sports tracker comes in. Monitor, challenge and analyze yourself with the accurate capabilities of this app.

Caledos Runner

Caledos Runner - Windows 8 Fitness App

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This popular app has gained wide recognition among the runners community for its highly interactive user interface. The app lets you monitor and check how well you’re performing during your running workouts with easy to use interface. The UI is quite helpful especially when you’re on those long runs.

6 Week Training

6 Week Training - Windows 8 Fitness App

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Ready to lose that ugly belly fat, and gain some extra sexy muscles, well then 6 week training is the perfect app for you. The application enables to follow a well worked out six week training program that you can effortlessly take up and keep a track on; the perfect way to shape up your summer body.

Push Up Trainer

Push Up Trainer - Windows 8 Fitness App

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Want to improve your strength at the gym or just embarrassed by the fact that every other person can do more push-ups than you? Well, either way this app is the perfect companion for you. Work through the training and gain the strength up in your arms with this smart app. You’ll be really surprised to see the effectiveness of this app, and you can trust it to make for a trusted training partner.

Total C25K

Total C25K - Windows 8 Fitness App

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It’s the perfect app for those who are completely unaccustomed to running. In fact the full form of the app is total couch to 5k, which literally explains what you can expect from this app. Follow the training from the app and get running to get the perfect body you had always imagined.

Pedometer Master Free

Pedometer Master Free - Windows 8 Fitness App

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Sick of all the apps that just support the runners and not the enthusiastic walkers, well here is the perfect app for you. The app monitors your walking and workout regimes and gives you accurate analysis of how you’re performing. The app also can monitor your running schedule as well just in case you change your mind.

Sit Up Trainer

Sit Up Trainer - Windows 8 Fitness App

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Sit ups can do a lot of magic to your current performance on the gym floor. They not only improve your thigh muscles but also work your core, which is essential for the fitness of the entire body. This particular app will guide you through the entire process of gaining strength and improving your stamina.


Yoga - Windows 8 Fitness App

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Having a perfectly healthy body doesn’t exactly mean having tight muscles or having stamina of a horse. It also means having flexibility and relaxation of mind, and the practice of yoga provides you with exactly that. This useful app teaches you everything there is to know about yoga, and also guides you through the training with the help of illustrative images and notes.

DailyYoga for Abs

DailyYoga for Abs - Windows 8 Fitness App

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Want to improve your abs quickly and without cramping to death, then yoga is the perfect substitute for all those crazy gym workouts. The app provides daily feed on which yoga poses to practice and which positions to avoid, in a single bundle. Also read about all the benefits of Yoga from the app as well.

Squat Trainer

Squat Trainer - Windows 8 Fitness App

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The easiest way to improve your strength and stamina is to improve your ability to perform squats. Use this intelligent app to get your squat training going. The application schedules the everyday workout for you, focusing on improving your performance ding squats.

DeekFit Gym

DeekFit Gym - Windows 8 Fitness App

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It’s tough to maintain a journal of your regular workout schedule, but with this app it will be just a walk in the park. Monitor, log and analyze your workouts using this simple to use app. Even create your own workouts with just the touch of a button.

Runners +

Runners + - Windows 8 Fitness App

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The perfect app for those who love running on the road – Runners+ monitors, assesses and calculates the distance you have run, the calories burnt and much more. Also the app has an inbuilt road map app, that lets you see where you’re headed.

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