Top Navigation Apps For Windows Phone 8

There were times when people didn’t go driving long distances without a driver who knew the roads. These days, people even don’t ask for a unknown place in the most confusing part of a city, but reach their successfully. Since, GPS has been made public, people don’t find it difficult anymore to trace a place, using the logical way to reach with least time, traffic & distance options.

GPS enabled devices show the way with voice activated commands, animated turns with arrows and other notifications about traffic. GPS has also been incorporated into smart phones. Windows 8 phones are also GPS enabled these days. There are several applications (apps) available in the Windows store for free or few bucks which can navigate people on the roads based upon GPS feeds. The TOP TEN navigation apps for Windows phone are mentioned below with their unique features.

GPS Voice Navigation

GPS Voice Navigation-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App  GPS Voice Navigation-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App

Download Paid App ($6.99)

This navigation app provides voice instruction turn by turn. It chooses its navigational elements from four maps and routing sources like Google, Bing, Nokia and MapQuest. The app is equipped with maps even in offline mode, illustrious 2D/3D orientations, Night Mode which is automatically controlled, searching through contacts and full instructions through voice command.

It also has an auto zoom option for having magnified view of the location of the traveler.It also alerts the driver about speed limit of a place, position of speed limit cameras and varied alerts for different types of cameras.

The dashboard gives an estimated time of arrival, distance travelled and remaining. If the passengers look for a gas station or restaurant, this app finds out nearest POIs to choose from. Few tracks can also be saved for quick access to the respective routes.

HERE Drive

HERE Drive-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App  HERE Drive-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App

Download Free App

The user just has to download a map of the country he is in and HERE Drive navigates through truly offline, turn by turn and voice guided instructions. This app works without a data connection. It’s My Commute feature provides the best options of routes you drive frequently like home to office, office to shopping mall & airport etc.

So, arriving somewhere late will be past. If the app is connected via a data connection it shows the current traffic flow in the upcoming joints and lanes. It has a simple access to the settings and it is available in 95 countries. Features like speed limit indication, syncing with favorite places and automatic day/night mode operation keep this app on top.


Navigation-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App Navigation-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App

Download Paid App ($4.99)

It’s a tap to locate GPS app that locates a address or POI faster than any other app. It takes voice guided instructions and provides voice guided navigational commands too. It finalizes the route based on the user’s current GPS position. So it works best online, keeping itself updated with the current traffic flow around the user.

It can work offline too, but all online features won’t work in offline mode. It supports landscape and portrait mode with maps from Bing Maps and hybrid maps. The distance, time and speed can be accessed in both metric and US units. It has an “Avoid Highway” and avoids “toll roads” option. The map supports 13 languages and the map can navigate to the user’s contacts.

Garmin StreetPilot

Garmin StreetPilot-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App  Garmin StreetPilot-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App

Download Paid App ($29.99)

This app brings the power of Garmin navigation to your phone which is built exclusively for Windows 8 smart phones. StreetPilot has access to almost all types of up to date maps of US and Canada. So it never fails in finding a place. Installing the app is also very easy and it can be installed while the user is on-the-go.

Apart from the voice guidance, Streetpilot has an automatic off-route recalculation, integrated real time traffic analyzer, multiple routing at the same time, 3D buildings, lane guidance and speed limit notifications. It can also show Facebook, foursquare and Wikipedia locations. If there is a roadblock on the route, it shows a detour around the place in the map. This helps the user to stay alert and ask people on the way about it.


MapQuest-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App  MapQuest-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App

Download Free App

MapQuest is a free app for Windows 8 mobiles. It has all the features one can avail in the paid navigators. It has voice guided cum turn by turn navigation system through GPS with traffic aware functionality. Finding restaurants and hotels is very easy. The interface looks to be lesser graphics rich giving it a clean look.

Drive ON

Drive ON-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App  Drive ON-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App

Download Free App

It’s a multi language supported navigation app which doesn’t need to be provided any history of travel. It selects its tracks, compares them and finds out the best one all by itself. So, literally it is the most human independent app for the Windows 8 smart phones.

The speedometer shows in both MPH and KMPH. The users can pin their favorite locations to find them easily. It has a compass on its visual display which shows the direction you are going in.

Outdoor Navigation

Outdoor Navigation-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App  Outdoor Navigation-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App

Download Paid App ($4.99)

This is an app specially designed for people interested in outdoor activities like jogging, biking, skiing, hiking or boating. This app becomes an integral part of your day to day life keeping track of time consumed upon almost every activity of the day. You can compare how much do you spend in on exercise, getting ready, reaching office etc.

This map also has a weather map layer along with the Wikipedia map layer. It can track multiple tracks within certain destinations. What makes it unique is its emergency SMS sending facility via E- mail or SMS. Currently it is available in five languages i.e. English, German, Italian, Spanish and French.


NAVIGATION US+CAN-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App  NAVIGATION US+CAN-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App

Download Paid App ($33.99)

Available in US and Canada, this app has best features for long trips. If someone follows its intuitive trip assistance program, the journeys become shorter by few hours with extra time to relax in between. It can work completely offline, showing more than 2 million places on the map. It also counts for the types of roads and avoids unpaved roads.

Navigation 3D

Navigation 3D-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App  Navigation 3D-Windows Phone 8 Navigation App

Download Paid App ($7.99)

This is the first completely 3D navigator ever released for Windows 8 smart phones. The app shows what a driver must see in front of the vehicle in its screen. If there is a over bridge your vehicle is passing through, the app also shows the front view in a 3D animated way.


GMaps 9

Download Free App

GPS Satellite

GPS Satellite8

Download Free App



Download Free App


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