Top News Apps for Windows Phone 8

In this fast paced age, the person with the maximum information truly rules the world and what is newer than the headlines that you see on the paper every day. Today everyone has access to a smart phone and a gamut of news applications have been launched specifically for smart phones running on the Windows platform. Listed below are some of the most famous news apps that you can download on phones running on Windows 8 operating system.


USA TODAY - Windows 8 News App

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From the latest headlines to scores of your favorite games, you can find it all using this amazing app – USA Today. The latest version supports various improvements over the older versions such as live tile support and bug fixes. From predicting tomorrow’s weather to today’s headlines, USA Today is the best way for you to stay updated.

Weave News Reader

Weave News Reader - Windows 8 News App

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If you have always wanted all the news in one compact and simple to use news reader app then the Weave News Reader is the perfect app for your Windows 8 phone. With various customization options, you can get exactly the kind of news that interests you with this news reader app. In fact you can even select the voice in which you want Weave News Reader to read to news for you.

Fox News

Fox News - Windows 8 News App

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One of the most famous names in the news channel is now available for download on your windows 8 phone. Read the hottest and newest stories and even stream videos using this amazing news app. Now you can even catch up on shows that are aired on Fox News channel directly on your smart windows 8 phone.


NYTimes - Windows 8 News App

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You see this on every street corner with newspaper vendors. Now you can see it on your smart phone with the new NYTimes app for windows OS. One of the most popular daily in US, NYTimes is the best way for you to stay updated. This app even synchronizes itself to your local area and downloads headlines for your offline viewing, a feature that can prove to be particularly useful while travelling.

NBC News

NBC News - Windows 8 News App

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From technology to politics, everything that is covered on the NBC News channel is now available on the NBC News app for windows. The latest version supports live tile and the notification for breaking news alert is something that we look forward to.


NEWS - Windows 8 News App

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Another great news app specially designed for the windows platform. Depending on your location this app directly downloads the latest news relevant to your locality and prepares it on your smart phone for you to view.

Tech News Now

Tech News Now - Windows 8 News App

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This is for the ultimate tech freak who is addicted to the latest technology news. Tech News Now gives you the latest feeds from a range of tech sites from its repository like SlashGear and TechCrunch. With options to preview and expand tech news headlines, this is one of the most easy to use news apps in the market.

BBC World News

BBC World News - Windows 8 News App

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Though this is a third party application and is not the official app from BBC, it is absolutely fantastic to use and you have full control over the news feed that you may receive from this app. With a variety of sources from which news is downloaded, this is one of the best news apps in the market today.

WSJ Live

WSJ Live - Windows 8 News App

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Wall Street Journal now brings the latest WSJ Live application using which you can receive live updates from around the world. With more than two thousand reporters to provide live coverage on various topics and access to the entire Wall Street Journal archive.

The Times of India

The Times of India - Windows 8 News App

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The most entertaining newspaper in India is now available on your phone. The Times of India app for Windows phones covers politics, leisure, entertainment, business, health, and much more. Be it the local cricket score or the weather report, TOI app has it all.


News360 - Windows 8 News App

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Aptly named the News360 app sources news from over 15000 different places and brings it to you at the touch of a button. Special analysis techniques in News360 give you a list of related articles which are sure to interest you.

The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast - Windows 8 News App

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This is a very innovative app that brings to you all the latest and must read stories from the web. With The Daily Beast you not only get to know the best stories but also featured is an original news section where topics like politics, business and entertainment are covered.


NDTV - Windows 8 News App

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You have seen it on your television screen and it is now available on your smart phone. NDTV brings everything that you need to know from breaking news to Bollywood gossips. You can also stream videos from all affiliate NDTV shows like NDTV profit, NDTV India and so on.


Newser - Windows 8 News App

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Tired of reading pages and pages of the same boring news? Then Newser is the app for you. With this app you get only the most essential and entertaining articles on your phone while the dry repetitive information is filtered. With various upgrades in the latest version this app is very good in terms of performance and speed as well.

NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News - Windows 8 News App

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The NBC Nightly News team has its own dedicated app to keep you informed about all the latest happenings and stories in their show. From the latest in health reports to political coverage at the top level, they feature it all on this interesting new app.

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