Top Shopping Apps for Windows Phone 8

If smart phones have been targeted to function like a computer, why should anyone wait to have access to a computer? Small and mostly free applications were made for smart phone of every operating system platform, which make it easier to browse through the online shopping portals and make an organized illustration of products, their features, descriptions, discounts, prices and reviews.

These applications (apps) come in different versions which are compatible with respective versions of the smart phone’s operating system. There are few apps which have gained popularity with their easy interface and fame from the original website. These apps are free to download and a Windows 8 Phone owner can download them directly from the Windows Store. The top TEN shopping apps for Windows 8 are discussed below:

Amazon Mobile

Amazon Mobile-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  Amazon Mobile-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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Amazon is the web’s own shopping mall. You can find everything on this website. Not only the sellers and buyers, affiliate marketers and reviewers also earn money from the website.

Amazon Mobile App lets the Windows 8 phone users search products quickly, compare the prices, read top rated reviews, share with friends and access Gold Box Deals. Purchasing an item from through Amazon Mobile is just like doing the same from a computer. At times, the user would feel that it is more convenient to shop through the App.

Amazon Mobile has also a Barcode scanner to reach the product directly. Shoppers around the world can use the single App. All they have to do is to select their Amazon country shop.


eBay-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  eBay-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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It is said that the eBay app made for Windows 8 smart phones is better than other mobile operating systems. This app has a streamlined interface which gives a sensation and experience of practical shopping. eBay shoppers search, bid and check their activities like search history, previously visited items etc.

The app works so fast that buyers can even put a bid within last few seconds on a bid that might be hard to find. Apparently, each feature one would find in the website is incorporated into the app. Latest version includes a few bug fixes, refreshed branding and advanced EULAs.


Newegg-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  Newegg-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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This is just another fast, smooth and easy to use app for Windows 8 phone holders. One can search, go through the reviews and make purchases on Newegg.comThe advantage of Newegg app is that it gives access to all those comprehensive product specification and millions of customer reviews.

The app transfers data in a much compressed way and hence it is a bit faster. Most users like the quick and simple shopping flow in this app. The app doesn’t stop responding or gets hanged. It also has a feature called guided search for deals like Shell Shockers and Daily deals. All payments are made through Newegg’s secured servers.


myShopi-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  myShopi-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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myShoppingi app for Windows 8 speeds up the shopping, hence timesaving is the biggest advantage with this app. The interface is the most intuitive one and is powered with as many as images of the products possible. This gives the buyer a better idea about the product before buying. It is available in only three languages, i.e. English, French & Dutch.

This app has some unique features which are never seen in other apps. The user can add notes to the products, the database is powered with predefined items so that you get to access the items of your choice as soon as you log in and can make multiple lists.

If you are out of the app by mistake or you got to go somewhere all of a sudden and don’t have the enough time to decide if you should buy all the items you have short listed or not; the app is powered to send the list via email & SMS to refer later.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  The Home Depot-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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This is the Amazon of home improvement products. Thousands of products are featured in this website. Users can place an order through the app at a place near to them which saves shipping charges. The app has a unique feature. Buyers can search items with voice search. It is fast and convenient as the sound system decoder works in a amazing way.

Users can also find the closest Home Depot location through store finder. It is powered with maps, phone numbers, postal addresses and hours of operation. Again once you enter the store, the map shows you to the corner where your short listed items are showcased.


ShopAdvisor-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  ShopAdvisor-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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ShoAdvisor is a tracking app for all your browsed, searched, bought and added to wish list products. It remembers your favorite product by tracking the most visited products and reminds you/ sends you an alert when the same are on sale or available in a bulk discount or when the out of stock items are available.

The app keeps a track of a minimum of 6-12 months of shopping history and advises the best deals from thousands of online and local stores.

Accessory Shop

Accessory Shop-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  Accessory Shop-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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One can get through, know prices and features of latest Windows phones & Xbox and purchase them directly from Amazon through a redirecting link. This app is the best for finding out the compatibility of accessories and the gadgets.

Best Buy

Best Buy-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  Best Buy-Windows Phone 8 Shopping AppBest Buy-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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This app provides a platform for latest gadgets against cheapest price. The ratings and reviews mentioned over here are 100% genuine and given by tech-geeks.

Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  Smart Shopping-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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Highly intuitive and amazingly easy to use tools are what people want as far as Smart Shopping is concerned. One can share a list with other users, the menu has a smart suggestion feature and enriched with hyper-relevant information about the stores making the sell. This app works for US only, although the team claims to expand to other countries.


Wooter-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App  Wooter-Windows Phone 8 Shopping App

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This Windows 8 app brings woot to your phone, being the one stop shop for all kind of Woot deals. Daily deals from can be browsed with clear images and awesome descriptions. The payment procedure is fast and secured. The app does not crash if the data transfer fails in between.

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