Updated Version of TeamViewer 8 is Launched Officially

Well known remote desktop control application TeamViewer has attained a considerable improvement including a Retina support for Mac which is a Metro version for windows 8, and continuous 24 hours access to Linux computers. The latest TeamViewer 8 version is free to download to support personal use, and it is also accessible for business use with various latest features aimed at enterprise users. If you have been making use of TeamViewer 8 Beta, you will be suggested to download the approved release.


For the sake of home user, TeamViewer supports remote printing which indicates you can access even other computers remotely and also print the documents right away without any need of transferring the files. The latest version also provides compact Microsoft Outlook integration, and allows you to organize online TeamViewer sessions on the Outlook calendar. You can even convert your current appointments to TeamViewer meetings, and direct the invitations.

The latest version also allows you to hear remote sound and view remote video. If your remote partner is listening to songs, watching some videos, or even getting some error beeps, you can hear and view everything. You can also record your meetings, including video and sound.

Likewise, TeamViewer 8 also consists of various major improvements for business users, including latest management console, the ability to provide sessions to other users, and so on.

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