World at Arms is Now Available On Windows Phone 8

Gameloft, the acclaimed game development studio, has finally launched the most popular World at Arms game on Windows Phone 8 platform. The game, already available on iOS and Android, is a modern-war strategy game.

World at Arms

The game blends city building elements with strategic warfare, in a breathtaking realistic near-future military setting. This is just like Kingdoms & Lords game, but with robots, tanks and aeroplanes.

In this game, players are required to develop a city from which to rule their empire. This game differentiates itself from other similar games with a few nifty mechanics. For one, World at Arms features 6-on-6 battles against the smart AI and other players. These generally take place across air, land, and sea and engage up to 6 units on each side.

Another nifty feature is the ability to visit as well as interact with your Facebook buddies. This is indeed a great way to grab additional resources in the games like this. Probably pals can help one another in battle, which should be more fun.

World at Arms app

Game features:

  • A war simulation game with awe-inspiring graphics, animations, and realistic buildings and units.
  • Collect enough resources, build, enhance, and fuse units, construct facilities, and complete a plethora of achievements to grab free bonuses.
  • Take part in cutting-edge battles across the world and on different terrains (like urban, underwater, and so on).
  • Features deep-sea exploration and battles that keep you on your toes.
  • Build the new super unit, Atlas, and then use it in the form of a game-changer in war.
  • Ability to join units with other players or create your own to engage in war, command, and earn rewards.
  • Connect with your loved ones through your Facebook account and even borrow their units during battle.

Windows Phone 8 users can download this wonderful World at Arms game right from the link provided below. Users can grab it for free!

World at Arms download link for Windows Phone 8 (free)

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