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The Three Effective App Locks in Android Phones


Nothing seems to work out properly for an individual without a phone. Actually, the level of dependency over a smartphone has increased over time.  Any kind of activity can be easily performed with the assistance of an Android phone. An android phone can be called as a multidimensional device.  It can be transformed into anything within a second. A communication medium, a medium for cinema and also a medium for taking photos, such credentials have made it the most demanding…
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Top 6 News Apps for Android Phone Users

Top 6 news apps for Android phone users

We all like to be updated with the happenings of the world. One can know about the political state of the world, entertainment updates, local news, national news updates via newspapers. But today, thanks to technology, there are news apps for Android phones that will help you gain awareness about the current affairs of the world in just a few seconds. Here are some of the apps that we will let you know, which will make your life much easier-…
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Top 5 Baseball Apps for Android in 2016

Android devices are the recent fad of the present generation. The popularity of these devices will never stop to increase, due to the simple mode of operation.  The developers of the android devices are always trying to add innovative features in order to fulfill the demands of the digital era.  One of the newest additions to this brand new technology is the gaming apps that are developed by Google. In this blog post, we have discussed top five baseball apps…
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Gmail App for Android Now Supports Microsoft Exchange

Gmail App

Google Inc. has yet again update Gmail app for Android Smartphones, this time allowing support for Microsoft Exchange within the app. While this feature has, actually, always been there, it only worked on Nexus devices. The company itself approved that Microsoft Exchange support was only supported on Nexus devices. But things have changed. From today, the new update brings the same support to all Android devices. Exchange Server has a history of its own kind. It was started as an…
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Google Analytics for Android Smartphones Gets a Complete Makeover

Google Analytics app

Webmasters love Google Analytics. Developed to help web experts access their websites and apps reporting from their mobile devices, Google Analytics enhances convenience and free data mobility in a way personal computers can’t. In other words, use the app to get your analytics data wherever you go, anytime. Here is the most interesting part; Google Analytics now gets a complete makeover. The possibility that people spend a lot of time on phone than on computers is the actual reason for…
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Pinterest App for iOS Updated to Improve Performance

Even if you don’t use Pinterest daily, you must agree that it’s a robust tool built to help millions of people to discover and save creative ideas. Hundreds of thousands of people use the app to plan travel, search recipes, discover their design patterns, collect new project ideas and do more. To make the app even more enjoyable to use, and to enhance user experience, Pinterest for iOS has been updated and the new updates are available in iTunes App…
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Use Qus for Android to Stream Music & Listen to Your Friends in Real Time

Qus-Listen with friends

Since inception, Google Play Store didn’t have an app that could let you stream music from different platforms. YouTube lovers, SoundCloud fans and Spotify loyalists had to download each of these apps to stream and listen to music. Things are different now. Qus, a new app in Google Play Store, lets you stream music from a combination of different sources, including SoundCloud, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. A single music search using Qus will return instant results from your favorite…
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Google Inc. Adds Podcast to Google Play Music for Android

Google Play Music

If you’ve always wanted to listen to podcasts and probably wondered whether Google Inc. would ever add this feature to Google Play Music app for Android, there is good news for you. The company updated the app by adding the ability to listen to audio podcasts wherever you go. Although the feature is available for desktop computers and Android Smartphones, the number of app users will definitely be larger because people use their smartphones more than their computers these days….
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StockX Android App Launched to Make Buying and Selling Sneakers Easier

StockX is a fast growing Detroit-based startup. It’s actually the best stock market for sneakers. Just seven days ago, the business launched the Stock X app for iOS in iTunes App Store. This week the business starts a new business day in a unique dimension; they have launched StockX for Android too, and it is available for download in Google Play Store. The app is still new, but it has received a couple of positive reviews so far. So, if…
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Snapchat App for Android Updated with Animated Emoji 3D Stickers

The latest Snapchat update makes the app even more interesting. Snapchat has always made living in the moment possible, no wonder the app continues to garner interest from different people and expanding its user base every month. Today, the company announced a new update that would bring Animated Emoji 3D stickers to iOS and Android. You can apply these stickers on video, or attach them to whatever document you choose. Be rest assured that the stickers will remain pinned to…
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