Android Food & Drink Apps

15+ Best Restaurant Finder Apps for Android

Restaurant Finder SSTL

Eating out is one of the most favorite activities for almost every person, especially for foodies. But choosing a good eating out destination or restaurant can be a tough task, given the myriad of options available.  Afterall, there are so many things to consider while selecting a restaurant.  For Android users, selecting or finding the perfect restaurant with the perfect food, preferred cuisine, right price tag, good ambience and excellent location is not all that difficult-thanks to the many restaurant…
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Top Android Apps for Bartenders

Bartending seems to be one of the most happening, appealing and fun activities. Many people do it for fun while some go in it as their profession. But no matter how interesting it may seem it does require a great amount of talent. And in today’s world, accessing that talent has become easier with the use of the many android apps created particularly for those in the bartending business. Here are some of the most happening and top Android apps…
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Top Android Apps for Chefs

Google Play Store is an app store which is full of useful and productive apps. This store is where Android device owners download and purchase apps from and is one of the largest app stores in the world. This store has apps for people belonging to all the different fields and professions. There are Android apps for engineers, doctors, students, architects, drivers, designers, and teachers and even for chefs. Infact there are so many apps for chefs on the Google…
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SuperValu Launches its 1st Shopping App for Android and iOS users in Ireland

The SuperValu has today launched its first ever shopping App for its Irish customers and the App allows its users in Ireland to perform shopping with their smart-phones. It is reported that Irish consumers spend E4 billion on online shopping every year and it is expected that th figure may raise to E21 by the end of 2017 as large number of consumers turn out to purchase through their mobiles. The App consist a wide range of features such as…
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Top Food Recipe Apps for Android

Through Android you can connect to the world of cooking, acquire great cooking knowledge, learn recipes and prices of food, and information about the other culinary data. Some of the top food recipe apps for android help you conquer the culinary world head on. Stand O’Food® 3 View App Get challenged and entertained at the same time in this powerful time management and burger serving game. You can open restaurants and serve clients in Tinseltown. This fast paced and exciting…
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