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Top 5 Baseball Apps for Android in 2016

Android devices are the recent fad of the present generation. The popularity of these devices will never stop to increase, due to the simple mode of operation.  The developers of the android devices are always trying to add innovative features in order to fulfill the demands of the digital era.  One of the newest additions to this brand new technology is the gaming apps that are developed by Google. In this blog post, we have discussed top five baseball apps…
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Top 100 Android Gaming Apps 2016


Grand Theft Auto III Grand Theft Auto III is one of the most addictive games of all times. If you are looking for a great story and some time to kill, then this is the perfect option. Download Game Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Everyone loves racing, and no one can deliver it best like Need for Speed Most Wanted.  With the pure thrill of racing, with super cars and great graphics, this game will surely bring out the maximum…
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Hottest Female Gaming Characters (Infographic)

Hottest Female Gaming Characters

If you are the kind of gamer who isn’t intimidated by strong women in the Best Android Game Apps, we have just the thing for you. Our brilliantly crafted infographic contains complete information on all the leading and hottest female gaming characters that are featuring in Top Apps these days. The infographic provides you the following details: Name of the female character. Name of the game that the ‘character’ is from. Name of the designer / developer of the game….
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10 Best Zombie Games for Android

Zombie Games

We are all hooked on Zombie games. Like drama, action movies and TV series, free and paid zombie computer and smartphone games have become part of us. We all love them, and the craze has no end in sight.  Zombie games have infected our minds, of course, in a good way.  Every Zombie game has all the greatness you can imagine. The best Zombie Games for Android will give you the best gaming experience, and you will never be disappointed…
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Top 10 Cat Games for Android


I know you have played the likes of Clash of Clans, God of War and Need for Speed 6 straight from your Android device. The new wave of app development focuses on even more entertaining game that brings the fun and the entertainment to your smart phone. Now android developers have gone from using human characters to making the games even more interesting by introducing animals to the scene. Today, we are not just talking about the availability of top…
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Top 10+ Bubble Games for Android


Bubbling. They look like games only meant for kids, but they make the best fun tool for adults too, especially if you want to have the best of the comic moment from gaming. Bubble games are rare in real life, and if you come across some once on a while, they will definitely not be as interesting as the ones developed for you to play on your smart phone. Bubble games for Android actually have hundreds of thousands of players,…
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Top 10+ Pool Games for Android


Relaxing with friends at the nearby pub doing some pool games seem to be the perfect way to hang out on a hot Saturday afternoon and a chilly Sunday after church thing. Every moment you frenzy gaming in real life has completely been captured by Android app developers, which means you definitely have access to high quality Pool Games for Android that you can enjoy on your own right from the comfort of your home. Built by gamers for gaming…
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Top 10+ Fishing Games for Android


Clash of Clans, SimCity Buildit, Soul Seeker, Gods Rush. There is something common about these games. They are high quality strategy games that run on Android platforms and already have millions of daily players. Forget about those shooting games for now and let’s go fishing this time round. Top fishing games for android are those you probably don’t want to miss, not because fish is your favorite dish but because they are easy to play games. Obviously, every game always…
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Top 10+ Casino Game Apps for Android

Are you thinking about touring Vegas? Well then, you must be a casino enthusiast. Casino is definitely one of the lavish places you will want to tour in testing your betting skills. Whether you thinking to engage yourself in video poker, card games, playing titan slot, coin pirates, black jack, tower slot machine, roulette royale, slot wiz, Bingo fever among others, then you will think of all under one roof casino. Affording the ticket to Vegas and gaming like the…
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Top 10+ Android Gambling Games

Owing from their high risks, high return nature, gambling is unquestionably making this pastime a popular practice among many addicts. Without having to spend all one’s hard-earned cash in casinos, android phones continue to unveil virtual gambling games apps, which will excite any tyro or hooker in gauging their skills. Amid numerous gambling games in the market for sale, potential consumer usually misses-out on genuine games. Conversely, in making your gambling familiarity simple and even, get to download some of…
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