Android Health & Fitness Apps

Top 10 Sleep Apps for Android

Sllep Apps

Insomnia is horrible, I mean very horrible. I have been there, and I know how disturbing it can be when you lack sleep whereas you were hoping for some before going to bed. There is nothing as scary as being pinned down by insomnia, a state of sleeplessness that can amplify even our little worries making it even more difficult to get some sleep. There are commonly two forms of insomnia: normal states and chronic insomnia. Folks experiencing chronic insomnia…
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10+ Top Cycling Apps for Android

featured image cycling app

Cycling is a wholesome and thrilling activity in itself, but if you happen to have an Android tablet or smartphone, there are a number of Cycling apps or Biking Apps for download on the Play Store which can enrich and enhance your experience. Many of these are free, while there are some paid premium apps which provide a range of functions. These Android Apps can do a number of things from monitoring your body while cycling to providing and mapping routes…
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Best Android Health and Fitness Apps

Workout Trainer

In this era of physical and mental stress as well as long hours of working in the office, people don’t have the required time to pay attention to their physical fitness or monitor their health by visiting a doctor or a health expert. In such a scenario, most people take easier ways to track their health and fitness and one of these easier ways is to download a health and fitness app. Health and fitness apps are those apps which…
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Top 10+ Running Apps for Android


The current technology scene in the world is so advanced that most tasks have been made much simpler and convenient for people. Everyday life has become much more easier because of technology and the gadgets that it offers. Almost every adult person as well as most teenagers and children have their own mobile phones and Smartphones which is proof of the technological advances. Smartphones these days are not just used for making calls or sending across messages but for infinite…
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Top 10+ Fitness Apps Android


Android is the most used and the most loved operating system platform in the world. Most of the Smartphones available in the world today run on some Android version or the other.  Apart from the amazing interface and the ease of usability that Android offers, another benefit of advantage of using it is that it gives Android device users the ability to access the Google Play Store or the Android app store. This app store and its apps is what…
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Top 50 Fitness Apps for Android

Fitness apps are those kinds of apps which help a person in learning about fitness methods and also making sure that he/she follows fitness routines etc. These apps may include fitness tracking apps, fitness tips aps etc. Given below are the top 50 fitness apps for Android: Abs Workout This is an extremely useful and well-designed fitness app which comes with many methods of abs workout. Download Free Abs Workout App Relax Melodies Sleep and yoga- this is the best and…
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Top Android Apps for Personal Trainer

In this day and age when everything is driven by technology and gadgets, it is not a surprise to know that many personal trainers use mobile and tablet applications to help them in their tasks of providing training to their clients. They use these apps because with them, they can track the fitness and training of the clients and also keep an eye on their progress etc. Android app store has several such apps which can prove to be really…
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Top 20+ Workout Apps for Android

There is a need for a man or woman to stay physically fit always. It is important that a person stays healthy in order to make the most of his life and give the best shot at anything in life. Falling sick often makes you miss out on some of life’s great events and recovering from sickness takes a while. Working out on a regular basis is necessary to stay fit and healthy. These top workout apps available for Android…
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Top 7 Android Women’s Health Apps

It is very important to strive for a healthy lifestyle, but everyone has their own special needs. Specifically women will have different health goals than men, as the age and dietary needs also play crucial role. Fortunately, we have unlimited resources in our hands for the modern women as health Android applications. Simply, check out these best health apps to improve your health. My Days My Days, it predicts your next period and it shows everything on a calendar when…
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Top Android Apps for Massage Therapy

It is hard to believe that technology has made things so easy and smooth that work hardly seems like work and one doesn’t have to go out to seek entertainment. Now, everything is available to us on our mobile phones and tablets, thanks to the numerous apps available on various platforms.  It won’t be wrong to say that there is an app for every profession and to suit every person’s needs. Infact even massage therapists can make use of certain…
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