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10+ Top Contacts Apps for Android

contact feautured

If you’re using a smartphone for its most basic of functions, calling, you’ll need access your contacts on an almost constant basis, whether it’s to get someone’s number or share a contact with another number. And if you’re one of those people who are simply not satisfied with their contact manager, default dialer or just looking for something new, download these contact apps for your Android smartphone. With a variety of free and paid contact apps, you can easily get…
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Top 10+ Screenshot Apps for Android

The Android world now makes it possible to capture any moment or item on your Android Smart Phone. The best Screenshot Apps for Android make doing this easy for every Android device owner. The apps make capturing illustrations and images on the fly easy. Most the Top Apps will allow you to rotate and flip images, customize them and do almost anything you can do with them using your phone including sharing them with others. You do not necessarily have…
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Top 10+ Android Apps for Reminders


Top Android Apps for Reminders have been in constant use, not because they are good to have on your Android Smart Phone but because they have become necessary Tools to have in your life. Built with a high-level technology approach and well suited for what they can do best, the Top Apps in this category are what you need to get those alerts conveniently and accurately. The very beauty of Google Play Store is its package of such Best Apps…
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Amazon launches Surprise! a Facebook powered app for sending E- cards

Amazon has now rolled out a new app for iOS and Android users and this latest app is called Surprise!  This app is a platform which allows you to send personalized E-cards to family and friends.  The app is great to send cards of special occasions and events. Amazon Surprise! Has been launched just a few days before the great festival season starts and with this app, anyone can personalize their cards by using photos, audio pieces and even video…
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Best Bible and Spiritual Apps for Android

For the people belonging to any religion, it is important to stay in touch with their spiritual side and to embrace their religion and its teachings. For this purpose, reading religious text such as bible for Christians is a good step. But since in our busy lives, we may not get time to purchase these books and text, there is another more effective way to remain spiritual.  Downloading bible and other spiritual apps on your Android device is a great…
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New Wriggle app lets you find last minute offers on food and drinks

Wriggle featured

Wriggle is the name given to the latest app which has been launched on the Android platform. This new app is targeted towards all those people who are always looking out for last minute offers and deals on good and drinks in London. Wriggle enables the users to discover places to eat and drink and have other kinds of leisure experiences at a discounted rate and all this in return for a last minute booking.  This app not only just…
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Samsung Devices Get New Traffic Apps

INRIX® XD™ Traffic Maps&Alerts

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and Gear S Tizen based Smartwatch have got new traffic apps and a new home screen widget. The names of the traffic apps are Car Mode, Morning! and Inrix XD Traffic whereas the name of the home screen widget is My Places widget. Car Mode app is an app which can makes these devices more driver friendly and provides route updates to Samsung Users.  The app also keeps a check on the traffic,…
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Top 20 Pet Apps for Android

The process of getting a pet home is really simple and easy, but it’s important that we know how to take care of our pets. These apps help you take good care of your pet animals and they also help you in training them. Here are few interesting apps for you and your precious pets. DoggyDatez This app helps you locate other dogs for your pet. It’s really useful when you take your pet out for a walk in the…
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Top 10 Cooking Apps for Android

Everybody likes to cook delicious food. The only reason why they fail to do that is because they don’t know how it’s done. People who like to learn generally go and buy cooking recipes books or look for the recipes online. You don’t have to do that anymore, all you need is a smartphone to download these apps and you will be able to cook anything. Cooking Recipes This app provides a large verity of dishes. It has a menu…
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Top 5 Self Defense Apps for Android

The rate of crime is increasing these days. The streets are not safe for anyone who is walking alone in the night or in a deserted area. People have to be careful around such streets because they might get molested or physically abused. It’s very important for a person to be prepared when someone attacks them. Here are few apps that will help you learn the basic to advanced moves to defend yourself. Self Defense for Women This is an…
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