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Top 10 Ringtone Cutter Apps for Android

ringtone cutter apps

There is always going to be that special song that you want to listen to more and more. Again, you may have a section of a particular lyric of your favorite that inspires you the most and every time you listen to it, it feels like though you are doing that for the first time. Why not slice that part, edit it well, and use it as a ringtone? That sounds like a great idea, but how do you do…
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Best video & Audio player Apps for Android

VLC for Android

Everybody likes to enjoy good music and good videos. Unlike earlier times, when one had to buy CDs or DVDs to enjoy these forms of entertainment, these days audios and videos can be enjoyed through audio and video player apps on your preferred platform. All platforms including Android, iOS and others consist of their dedicated app stores from where these apps can be downloaded or bought. These apps make it possible for you to play your own music or play…
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Tango Music Pix makes a comeback on Google Play Store

Tango Music Pix app

Tango Music Pix is the latest app that has been launched on the Google Play store. This app was launched once earlier as well but was taken off the app store soon after. It is expected to be launched on the iOS app store as well. Tango Music Pix is an app which lets users combine photos from their phone with song from the streaming library.  Doing this,users can make slideshows that you can share with their friends over various…
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Top 35 mp3 Player Apps for Android

Mp3 player apps are those kinds of apps which provide us with an inbuilt MP3 music player through which we can play our favorite songs and music. The Google Play Store or the Android app store has many of these apps and the following are the top mp3 player apps for Android: Poweramp Music Player This is one of the most popular and most downloaded MP3 player apps for Android users and comes with many advanced features which offer wonderful…
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Top 20+ Radio Apps for Android

With so many radio and FM apps available on a variety of platforms such as iOS,  Android and Windows etc., who needs to carry a radio set with them. Android app store has thousands of radio apps which give you access to many FM radio stations from around the world. The following are the top 20+ radio apps for Android: TuneIn Radio This radio app lets you have access to thousands of Radio stations from all the continents and lets…
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Top 50 Music & Audio Apps for Android

Music and Audio apps are one of the most loved and used apps on Android platform. These apps help to serve many purposes and are highly entertaining as well. The following are the top 50 music and audio apps which can be downloaded on an Android device. MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker!! This is a fabulous and very useful app which can be used to cut any piece of audio to make it your ringtone. It is a free to…
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Top Android Apps for Singers

Being a singer is not just about singing but there are so many other things that add up to it. It may seem like a difficult task to do, but the various Android apps that are now available to offer support to singers have made life easier and better for them. There are applications to meet all sorts of work requirements like carrying on a recording on the go, jotting down lyrics, getting the right kind of music or beats…
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Top Android Apps for Musicians

Mobile technology and the introduction of mobile and tab apps have changed the lives of many people including people belonging to different professions. It is fair to say that these apps have helped in making tasks easier for each one of us and contributed in saving time as well as hard work. In a similar way, apps have also helped musicians in creating music, reducing work load and also for inspiring them more. On the Google Play Store, which is…
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Top 10+ Karaoke Apps for Android

Karoke is a fun-time activity that we all love to perform in a group or individually. No matter how old you are, Karaoke gets you moving when somebody asks you to take the mic. Of course, some are shy but even they break out of their shell and sing their favorite songs. So if you too are a music and Karaoke lover, you will have the guide to the best Karaoke apps on Android market for your phone or tab….
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Top 25+ Audio Editing Apps for Android

The idea behind editing an audio file is to get rid of the extra and unnecessary parts of a track. If you are performing dance on more than two tracks you would want to join them as one. People use professional softwares to edit an audio track. Now things have changed. You don’t have to spend hours in mixing a track, all you need is a smart phone that can support one of these apps to get your work done….
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