Android Productivity Apps

Top 10+ Audio Recording Apps for Android

Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with writing all the time. Your hands get tired doing so and your body eventually feels exhausted. I have been there, done that and I know how it feels when you have to take a two hours notes in a meeting, at the church or in a class session. If you own an Android device, you can save yourself the pain of having to write such notes every time by downloading, installing and…
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Best Productivity Apps for Android

AutoCAD 360

Google Play Store is a well-known and very widely used app store in the world. This app store is home to hundreds and thousands of apps which have been divided into suitable categories so that users can easily find the app that they are looking for. One of the most broad and popular categories of apps on the Android app store is the productivity apps category. Productivity apps as the name suggests are those apps which help users pursue productive…
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Top 10+ Note Taking Apps For Android

Classic Notes Lite - Notepad

Android is a popular operating system platform which is present on most of the Smartphones available in the market and sold in the world. Android is undoubtedly a winner of the Smartphone market and is a platform which is known for the apps that it offers. Android users can log on to the Google Play Store and access thousands of thousands of apps to make their Smartphone usage much more easier, very entertaining and a lot more functional. These apps…
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Top 10+ Barcode Scanner Apps For Android

QR Droid Private

Google Play Store, the official app store for Android device owners is a place where users of Android phones and tablets can download apps or purchase the ones that are not for free. It can be considered as a marketplace of apps where apps are listed as items and are put into various types of categories, depending on the purpose they fulfil. While some of these apps help you play games on your device, others can be used to read…
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Top 10 Keyboard Apps for Android


Did you know that most people purchase Smartphones and tablets by judging the kind of keyboard that the device has? Well, a keyboard is surely the most important part of any device which can be used for any type of texting or typing. The easy usability and simple interface of a keyboard can thus be a deciding factor. But with a large number of cool keyboard apps, almost all phones can be made much more functional and typing-friendly. The same…
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Top 15+ Notepad Apps for Android

Android has a variety of useful Notepad apps for the users to make notes on their Smartphone or tablets and carry them along.  This helps them to open and view their important notes whenever needed. Each app has interesting features and is different from another. Below given are the names of Top 15+ Notepad apps for Android along with their features. Evernote With this app you can note and save any task or idea that comes to your mind immediately…
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Top Android Apps for Entrepreneurs

In this busy life, everybody is running a race ahead of time to get tasks completed and to meet deadlines. In such a schedule, mobile and app technology has proved to be helpful and beneficial for almost all of us. Owning a Smartphone or tablet not only helps in getting and making calls but also ensures that our professional lives are taken care of. So if you are a busy entrepreneur who would wish to have an assistant service with…
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Top Android Apps for Attorneys

In earlier days, every professional or business personnel had to rely on paper based work and documents to get their tasks done and this took them a lot of time.But with the growth and development in technology and with the advancements in Smartphone tech, things have changed a lot. Nowadays, people from all professions are dependent upon mobile apps and tablet applications to a large extent. This is due to the fact that these apps helps people in taking off…
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Top 7 Email Apps for Android

Email being an essential part of business communication, and its availability on mobile platform was sorted out perfectly. You will know the importance of good email client only when you are using their services on your Smartphone. These are the best email client apps recommended for all the Android users. K-9 Mail K-9 Mail, it is the most famous email client for Android users. This app supports POP3, IMAP and Exchange 2003/2007. The app comes with best features like ability…
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Top 5 Android Apps for Job Seekers

Job Market, it is a competitive place, and the skilled and experienced professionals always look for long-term employment, it can be a difficult thing to find desired vacancies in specific industries. Employers will have different recruitment methods, and selecting through job searches is tedious and tiresome process. With the advancement in technology, Android devices permit you to keep pulse on job market at all times. These apps give you an edge over competition by presenting opportunities in front of you….
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