Android Tool Apps

The Three Effective App Locks in Android Phones


Nothing seems to work out properly for an individual without a phone. Actually, the level of dependency over a smartphone has increased over time.  Any kind of activity can be easily performed with the assistance of an Android phone. An android phone can be called as a multidimensional device.  It can be transformed into anything within a second. A communication medium, a medium for cinema and also a medium for taking photos, such credentials have made it the most demanding…
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Best Tools for Android Mobiles

Mobile apps and tools have made life so much more easier, work so much simpler and free times full of fun and entertainment. These days, there is an app for everything- be it shopping, chatting, booking flight tickets, reserving a seat at a restaurant and even changing TV channels. In the midst of so many amazing apps, it is difficult to look for the best tools for your Smartphone or tablet.  This is especially true for Android app store which…
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Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

Alarm Clock 3 - music alarm

Waking up in the morning seems like a very hard task to the most of us. No matter how many times we hear the tableside alarm, breaking the flow of the sleep is challenging. But if you have a good alarm clock with a loud alarm ringer, then this problem can be easily eliminated. And no, you don’t need to visit the market to purchase an expensive alarm clock; all you have to do is to download a good alarm…
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Google launches Hindi Input app update for Android devices

Hindi Input app update

Google has come out with the update of its existing app called Google Hindi Input. This launch comes as really good news for those who are more comfortable with Hindi language support on their mobile devices. Google Hindi Input comes with many features and an overhauled material design.  The app will now be featuring two material design based themes which are material dark and material light.  The old themes will also be present and these include Holo Dark and Holo…
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Top 50 Mobile Security Apps for Android

Your smartphone is probably your essential digital possession that makes room for your text messages, photos, contacts, emails, and other private content. So protect your smartphones and tablets against viruses, theft, malware, and loss. Thanks to the plethora of security apps available in the Google Play Store that help you safeguard your device and the stored data. And here comes the question! Which app is worth downloading? We have taken the effort and prepared a list of top 50 mobile…
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Top Android Apps for Carpenters

There are so many applications that have been launched to support the work of the carpenter all around. The applications are suitable for meeting many different tasks/ requirement and make the job of the carpenters convenient. There are various applications which are compatible with the Android operating system and hence can be installed in different android devices. The following is a list of the top Android applications for carpenters: Smart Measure The extremely simple tool to make carpentry an easier…
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Top Android Apps for IT Administrator

The world that we live in is quite dependent on the growing technological advances and gadgets. These gadgets are meant and designed to make tasks easy for people and help us reduce the manual, work load. Smartphones and tablets are the common examples of devices which help us fill the communication gap between the loved ones. But what really makes these two devices even more useful and functional are the apps that can be downloaded on them. Out of the…
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Top 7 Android Apps for System Administrators

Google Play store is the official app store for Android device owners and it consists of thousands of app which are either available for free or can be bought by paying a minimal fee. These apps are put into different categories based on the kind of purpose they serve and their use. Some categories in which these apps are divided are music apps, photo apps, video apps, productivity apps, utility apps, gaming apps etc. The section of productivity or utility…
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Top 10 Android Apps for Network Administrators

Google Play store, which is Android apps marketplace is surely the most popular and one of the biggest app stores in the world and is joined in the league by Blackberry app store and Apple app store etc. There are numerous useful apps present on this store and each serves a different purpose and caters to different individuals. Infact with so many apps, there is no individual for whom there isn’t a perfect app. There are apps for engineers, business…
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Top 15+ Password Manager Apps for Android

Are you still using same password for all your accounts? You will be at high risk from hackers when you let browser remember the passwords or keeping them in mailbox. Accounts can be protected with secure passwords, forget the headache to remember passwords and pin codes by using password managers. Check out the best password manager apps for Android that ensures top security for sensitive and confidential information. Keeper Password & Data Vault It is a simple app to manage…
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