iPad Education Apps

10+ Top iPad Apps for Math Teachers

iPad Apps for Math Teachers

It is no secret that the iPad can be a great teaching tool and classroom companion, and its range of maths apps, both free and paid, makes it a perfect gadget for Math teachers. A lot of these apps are also aligned with Common Core Standards to make things even easier for Math teachers. These apps are perfect for teaching math at almost any level, whether elementary, high school or higher, in a fun and engaging manner. Ranging from calculators…
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Learner Mosaic: new app launched for parents

Learner Mosaic featured

Kidaptive, a company known for making children’s educational apps for iPad has come out with the release of a new app which is known as Learner Mosaic. This latest app lets parents of children know how well their child is performing and progressing based on the activity as well as the behavior of the child within the Kidaptive applications. Kidaptive iPad apps are based on the curriculum focused on Kindergarten readiness and hence can help kindergarten kids to learn a…
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Top 10+ Calculus Apps for iPhone & iPad

It is challenging to master calculus if math is not your cup of tea. There are lots of guides and tools that help to learn Calculus concepts effectively. The best calculus apps assist students to learn the subject with less confusion. Shmoop AP Calculus Shmoop AP Calculus, it is the best study tool for students who take AP Calculus. The app includes multiple full-length exams to assist students prepare different types of questions on test and build stamina to finish…
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Top 20 Dictionary Apps for iPad

No one knows all the words in a language, and sooner or later we way to find our way to a dictionary to find out the meaning a particular word or to find the meaning of a word in some other language. But, the process of learning stops because either we are too lazy to find a dictionary or even worse, we don’t even have one. These dictionary apps on iPad make sure that such excuses no longer hamper your…
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Top Ten Ipad Education Apps

What better way to learn than by combining education and fun? This can be done with the help of these amazing educational apps available to iPad users. These apps use advanced technology to provide a great learning experience. FREE SPANISH ENGLISH DICTIONARY + View App This dictionary app is free and very effective. It offers more than thirty two thousand different offline translations and usage examples. There are also a number of vocabulary quizzes that help you to build a…
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