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5 Scary Games for iPhone That You Would Get Addicted To

scary games for iPhone

There is always a different kind of love for games on phone. If you are the one who is addicted to playing games on your phone, then you have come to the right place. For those who like playing scary games, we present you some of the top scary games for iPhone. We are going to share the top apps for iPhone that is sure to keep you busy and alert. They have amazing sound effects and would definitely give…
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Top 10 Minecraft Apps for iPhone

Minecraft Apps

Minecraft, named the top-selling app of the year, has become popular among children globally.  The best Minecraft Apps grip youngsters for hours, creating an atmosphere of endless fun for every child. Known as creative games, these are perhaps the only best apps you can load in your phone to keep your child busy. And, there are two advantages why you should engage a child to Minecraft games:  boosting their thinking capacity, and enabling them to enhance their mental creativity. The…
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Top 10 Bubble Games for iPhones

Iphone Bubble Games

Although they became popular recently, Bubble Games for iPhones have been around for almost a decade now. Clearly, it wasn’t going to take long before Apple realize the need to create bubble games for its smartphones, and developers have done the best they could to provide the iTunes App Store with the best bubble game for people of all age groups. It is highly likely that you are trying to fish the best app from the store. The results, as…
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Top 10 3D Games for iPhone


The shift from 2D to 3D art has completely changed our perception about technology. Unlike the two-dimensional art, the 3D technology delivers new, breathtaking, and freestyle experience we have never had before. For a long time now, the human race has often thought that 3D art is only on top rated movies of all time. But, 3D technology today goes beyond TV sets to smartphones. The successful implementation of the new feature – 3D technology – has brought significant changes…
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Top 10+ Soccer Game Apps for iPhone


These soccer game apps for iPhone have audio commentary, online play, multiple control system, and wonderful graphics. These apps provide the most realistic football games, the rules of playing the soccer game is just as the actual game, you can have crowd gathering just like it is there in premier leagues. You can use these apps to keep a track of your training sessions and build your skills with the passage of time. You definitely are missing something when you…
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Top 10+ Golf Game Apps for iPhone


Golf is the gentleman’s game, and can be played and liked by people of all age groups. In case you are far off from golf course, you can sharpen your skills at golf game apps for iPhone. The amazing effects will make you feel like walking in a golf course and trying your hand at having the best hole. Apart from sharpening your skills, you can also take part in a tournament or seasons. You can play golf with some…
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Top 10+ Shooting Game Apps for iPhone


There is an unexplained joy in playing shooting games. The burst of energy, the release of tension, the optimal levels of awareness- all of these combine and provide for an exhilarating experience every time we play a shooting game. Now, with the experience simulated on iPhones, the life-like aura of these games will be amplified by several notches. Amazing visuals and brilliant effects will ensure that the gaming experience remains top notch and the user finishes each game pining for…
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Top 30+ Platform Game Apps for iPhone

small featured

Do you remember those days when the best game was only on Play Station 2 and 3? Those times are over and actually only few people ever go to Play Stations any more. Even with the recent introduction of Play Station 4 in the market, the IOS platform has already outdone them by introducing the most powerful Best Platform Game Apps for iPhone. The iTunes Store is packed with thousands of quality Best Apps in this category, an assurance that…
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Best IOS Game Apps


A good mind is one that has everything in good proportion, activity and entertainment. Games allow a human mind to relax and fully integrate with the environment, but in most cases this does on is just too tired to engage in rigorous physical activity. However, the best IOS game apps provide one with an opportunity to exercise their skills at the comfort of their bed. These apps have numerous features and advantages and here are the few notable ones. Build…
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Call of Duty: Heroes available for free on iOS, Android

Call of Duty® Featured

Call of Duty: Heroes is the name of the latest gaming app that has made its entry on the Android and iOS app store.  This gaming app is for fantasy game lovers who like a good fight, strategy building and graphic rich action. Call of Duty: Heroes involves building and protecting your base and raiding the bases of the other players.  This game also involves collecting of Celerium which is the game’s premium currency that lets you speed up the…
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