iPhone Health & Fitness Apps

The Best Iphone Apps for Swimmers


Over the years, swimming has emerged not only as just a way of doing a healthy exercise but also a great sporting activity in the international arena. Among the world’s most popular sports, swimming is one among the top ten rakings. Talking about the Olympics, there is always a huge craze for swimming. Many countries from all over the world participate in this particular sport. Now, swimming has also come under the sky of technology. There are various mobile applications…
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Top 10 Fitness Apps For iphone In 2016


A fit body is the key to success in life. Without sound health, giving optimum concentration to work is impossible, which ultimately affects the performance of an individual. Of late, people across the globe have understood this fact. Maintaining a healthy body has become their forte. Now, for all the tech savvy fitness freak individuals, here presents the list of top 10 fitness apps for iphone of 2016 to help them maintain a healthy routine. Spring Moves This app is…
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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer

Personal Training is one of the most demanding jobs in the current economic atmosphere. And, being a personal trainer not only calls for dedication, but also discipline, respect, willingness and passion to help those who have gained weight through years of bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Although being the best Personal Trainer calls for taking some sort of a short course in college, using the Best iPhone Apps for Personal Trainer can help you learn just enough of what…
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10+ Best iPhone Apps for Anxiety

Anxiety is a common disorder. We have all been there, and in as much as we  want to do the best to pull out of such situation, we find ourselves in the same situation, the same spot, the same problem, the same life factor that makes us doubt our ability to live positive and enjoy life. But each problem has a solution, and a common disorder such as this has solutions that spans beyond the clinic doors. The best iPhone…
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Top 10+ iPhone Apps for Yoga Teachers


Many schools, websites, TV shows, and advertisement preach physical fitness and even advertise product, but none of the physical Fitness approaches seems to have captured more interest like yoga. Millions of sessions on yoga go on daily, with billions of people training yoga regularly. If you teach yoga and own an iPhone, you may need to get Top iPhone Apps for Yoga Teachers. These apps are helpful yoga coach, which give you access to volumes of resources to take your yoga…
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Top 10+ iPhone Apps for Swimmers

feautured image

There is a lot that technology has done to swimming. From improved equipment to now Top iPhone Apps for swimmers, we are left wondering just how much fun the sport is. In fact, the top apps are just another way to take this sport to the next level. The changing phases of technology and gradual app development have given birth to hundreds of thousands of the best apps for those who love swimming.   Each of the top app is…
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10+ Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

WebMD Pregnancy

iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular and commonly owned Smartphone in the world and is a device which has changed the way the world communicates. Some of the reasons for the popularity of this phone are its amazing looks, its screen quality, camera, processor and ofcourse the app store which comes inbuilt with it. This app store makes the device much more functional and productive for users and this is due to the number of apps that can be downloaded…
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10 Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone

Apple app store is one of the most popular app stores and one major reason for this is the fact that it consists of a varied types and categories of apps, one of which is weight loss apps. These apps help and motivate people to lose weight. The following are the 10 best weight loss apps for iPhone. Fitocracy This is one of the most useful and effective apps for all those who seriously want to lose some weight. This…
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Top 6 iPhone Apps for Cyclists

With cycling apps, you can turn iPhone into a GPS tool to track time, speed and distance. There are tons of cycling-specific apps for iPhone, most of which are really helpful for cyclists. Some of the best applications include essential features like iPod support, reporting graphs and Facebook & Twitter integration. Map My Ride Map My Ride, it was developed by MapMyFitness. This GPS app is recommended for all the iOS users. It comes with tons of exciting features directly…
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Top 10+ Heart Rate Monitoring Apps for iPhone and iPad

Most of the apps are developed for monitoring your heart rate per minute but there are other apps performing different functions like heart fitness, calorie count, maintaining physical performance charts and more. Check out these best heart rate monitoring apps that bring you to right track and stay on it. Instant Heart Rate Instant Heart Rate, this app was developed by Azumio Inc. This app helps in measuring hear rate instantly. It uses iPhone’s camera to detect pulse from fingertip…
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