iPod Education Apps

Top 20 Spelling Apps for iPhone and iPad

If your child needs some assistance to become a better speller then check out these best spelling apps for your mobile. With iPhone, spelling apps provide kids a chance to wrestle with English language while having fun and entertainment. Alpha Writer Alpha Writer, it is a Montessori-style learning app that helps to teach kid’s letter sounds and how to form words by merging different letter sounds. The learning approach here is tangible as kids can manipulate letters onscreen physically. They…
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Top 15 Educational Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

Are you looking for best educational apps for iPhone or iPod touch? The App Store is considered as the home to half million apps and games. Fortunately, you can get most of these apps for free. Check out these best educational apps that makes your learning easy. iTunes U This app gives access to different courses from schools and universities. You can get all these courses for free which also includes assignments. iTunes U and instructors offer course materials which includes…
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Top Education Apps for Ipod Touch

SparkNotes Download App It provides access to the best reference material for courses in Shakespeare poetry, literature, short plays, dissertations, etc. Consists of more than 50 reference guides installed, wide range of reference guides to browse through online, easy download of important notes and customized sharing options on Facebook. iSign Lite Download App An illustrated handbook of the fundamental American signs, iSign Lite is the modified version of iSign and comes with more than 800 signs, sound customizations and interactive…
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