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10+ Top iPad Apps for Preschoolers

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Everyone knows how to smartly use a smartphone or a tablet for business, pleasure and entertainment. But, did you know that you can use your iPad as an educational tool to teach your preschooler a bunch of stuff? There are an overwhelming number of iPad apps that you can download to educate your child, let them have some fun, or just keep your preschooler occupied (and quiet) for hours on end. Expand Your Child’s Mind With These Fun Apps There…
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Tactilize – a self publishing App gets updated with an in-App editor

Tactilize Inc has launched an self publishing App in December 2012, and it has been updated by adding a easy-to-use editor that allows the App users to directly add photos, videos, text and give links to external content on your pages. Users to create pages or cards can import images from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Picasa and several other services. The in-app editor of the Tactilize App allows users to move, resize and rotate images or text…
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Jungle Time – an unique educational App for iPad users

Jungle Time is an amazing educational App that helps your children to learn about telling time in multiple languages. The provide effective way to teach the children as how to tell the time by looking at friendly animals. The App has been designed for a meaningful practice that includes customized levels of learning and a reports that shows the progress of your children. This App even comprises different levels of difficulty, making it more challenging for the children. On saying…
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WritePad App is now available at $ 4.97 for iPad users

The WriterPad App released in the year 2011 has been updated several times and its price has been revised quite a few times. With starting of the new year, Phatware Corp that has designed the App has reduced its price from $ 10.12 to $ 4.97. The WritePad App lets the users to takes notes in their own handwriting using the iPad stylus pen or finger. The handwriting recognition software embedded in the App will adapt your writing style when…
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Phatpad App now at slashed price for iPad users

Phatpad App released an App for iPad users in the year 2010 at a price of $ 4.99 and today it the price of the App has been cut down to $ 1.99 to make it reach more iPad users. With this latest brain storming tool, users can draw, write and type their ideas simultaneously and share them with their buddies via email, Dropbox or any presentation mode. With the inbuilt digital ink technology and an engine that recognizes your…
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Top Ten Ipad Education Apps

What better way to learn than by combining education and fun? This can be done with the help of these amazing educational apps available to iPad users. These apps use advanced technology to provide a great learning experience. FREE SPANISH ENGLISH DICTIONARY + View App This dictionary app is free and very effective. It offers more than thirty two thousand different offline translations and usage examples. There are also a number of vocabulary quizzes that help you to build a…
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