iPhone Game Apps

Everything You Know About Retro Games for iphone

Are you obsessed with playing retro games? So, what is your most favorite game from your schooling days? Super Mario, aladin saga or pokemon? These vintage old school games bring back the sweet childhood memories which stick forever. Back then, to play these all, you would have to carry a bag of coins and wait for your turn to take a shot. Nowadays, every individual can play games on their smart android devices and iPhones. Science and technology have evolved…
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Top 10 iPhone Checkers Apps

Checker Apps

We’ve known chess for long. We’ve played it with friends, families and even with ourselves. Chess has become part of us, partly because it is popular and interesting to play, and partly because it is one of the oldest games of all time. It’s that simple. But, there is one popular category of games that replaces chess: the checkers. Checkers is actually one of the most entertaining games ever created, and it isn’t as complicated as chess. It is interesting…
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List of 5 Tough Games for iPhone

There are many games available in the iTunes store for your iPhone. There are many casual games, puzzle games, and fun games available for iPhone. What about serious hardcore gamers who want to experience the iPhone to the core, while they are not at their gaming consoles? Here we are going to list out some tough games for you to play on your iPhone. All you need is newer versions of iPhone OS to play; as they have high definition…
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Roach Smasher- a simple gaming App to play for iPhone users

Roach Smasher App

Roach Smasher is a simple game to pickup and play whenever you get the free time. This bug-smashing game was created by S Games and unlike other smashing games, the Roach Smasher will stand at top place due to it funny graphics and attractive game-play options. The game is quite easy to play and the main aim of the players is to smash every roach that comes in your path. The more number of bugs you smash, the more you…
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A little war – gaming App for iPhone and iPad users

A Little war App

A little war, gaming App that provides action packed entertainment and gaming experience for all the iPhone and iPad users. A greater war will be braking out once you download the App and use your sword effectively to save your motherland. The game involves evil dragons attacking your home, the only thing you can do is to pick up a sword and defeat all your enemies.  How to play the game:  Player will be considered as hero of the game…
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kingPin – a full-featured controller App for iPhone gamers

KingPin iPhone App

The Kingpin App, a full-featured controller helps the iOS gamers to customize and reinvent the way of playing games on their iPhone devices. Every gamer must pin the game to KingPin and control the game directly from your iPhone device. The digital and highly customized interface of the App allows the players to personalize their game controls and gives them the feeling of console type gaming. The kingpin board available on the App will let the users to browse different…
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Swing King App – a new action game for iPhone and iPad users

Swingking iPhone App

Swing King, a new action game created by Chillingo Ltd for all the iPad and iPhone users. The goal of the player is to fling the king across various levels of the game, overcome obstacles, traps to gain stars and help the king in reaching his flying unicorn. While playing game, make use of the simple controls to track the king’s trajectory and try to move out obstacles on his path. Use several power-ups like sticky grappling point and boxing…
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Amuzo Games Ltd launches LEGO Hero Factory Game for iPhone and iPad devices

HeroFactory Game

Enjoy the latest action game filled with stunning 3D graphics, weapons and army of evil brains. Amuzo Games ltd, a popular games developer has launched a new action and entertainment name for all iPhone and iPad devices. The game features include:  You must defend the Makuhero city and save the city from waves of brain that attack the Hero Factory. Customize your hero and provide him with weapons and fantastic armours. Select either Furno or Bulk, Breeze, Rocka to fight…
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Top Social Games for Iphone

Poker by Zynga

There’s nothing like playing a roll of gambling games and not having to lose your money, or to use your intellect and skills to unlock some of the finest quests. Here’s a list to help you pick the best social games for your iPhone Dice with Buddies Free Download App   Play exciting dice games with everyone sitting on this planet, for free! Become obsessed and stay hooked on for hours at a stretch, as this app runs in the…
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Top Racing Games Apps for Iphone

Turbo Grannies

There’s nothing like a good race to pump up that adrenaline, while you’re fancying the apps on your apple device. Here’s a legitimate list of the best selling racing games for the iPhone. GT Racing: Motor Academy Free Download App Gameloft brings a very heavy and thrilling racing challenge to you, which is great even while it’s free, giving you cars like the Audi RSS and Bentley, smooth controls and rich graphics. Though it takes up a bit over half…
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