Wallaby Releases A New Chrome Extension, Updates iPhone App

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Google Unveils Its Google Now Cards Platform to the Desktop Chrome Browser

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Mozilla Brings New Australis Design and Enhanced Sync to Firefox 29 Beta

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Mozilla to Allow Click to Play By Default for Plugins from March 31

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Chrome 34 Beta Brings Unprefixed Web Audio, Hands-Free Voice Search, and Responsive Images

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Mozilla Launches Firefox Beta for Windows 8 Touch Devices

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Google’s New OS Canary 34 is Available for Windows and Mac Users

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Adblock Plus Is Launched for Safari, But Still in Beta

Adblock Plus today finally launched a new beta extension for Safari users. This latest extension ensures to offer the same features as for Opera and Chrome. Adblock is now available... Read More

Rdio Allows You Stream Unlimited Music On the Web

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Instapaper’s Chrome Extension Receives a Significant Update

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Google is Bringing Support for Video Recording and Picture Sync to Its Chrome OS Camera App

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Opera 18 Hits Android Platform

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Firefox 26 Beta is Released On Android and Desktop

Following the launch of Firefox 25, Mozilla has unleashed a new version of the browser, Firefox 26 beta for desktop and Android users. Though it’s a beta iteration, the browser... Read More