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Top 10 News & Weather Add-ons/Apps for Google Chrome 2015

Want to install weather and news add-ons within your Chrome web browser window to know weather conditions and the current news? Chrome is always there to offer several valuable weather and news add-ons to you. Given is a list of the best news and weather add-ons for Chrome. YoWindow Weather A very good weather add-on for your Chrome. It has many interesting features like animated landscapes, living weather images, time scroll (you can view weather at any time), complete featured…
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Wallaby Releases A New Chrome Extension, Updates iPhone App


Wallaby, the leading developer of acclaimed mobile apps to assist consumers in picking up the best credit card to use for a purchase, has launched its first Chrome extension by the same name. Alongside the new Chrome extension, the company has also rolled out an overhauled iPhone version to coincide with the launch. Wallaby helps you keep the track all your rewards programs, due dates, credit card limits, and also other related info to keep you up-to-date on your cards….
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Google Unveils Its Google Now Cards Platform to the Desktop Chrome Browser

Google Now

Google has officially unleashed its Google Now cards platform to the Chrome stable desktop browser, that is for Mac and Windows. The company has said that starting from today, users with stable version of the Google browser can enjoy the perks of Google Now in Chrome. As aforementioned, this new feature is available for the Desktop running on Windows and Mac. You can turn on this feature by just logging in to the desktop Chrome version with the same account…
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Mozilla Brings New Australis Design and Enhanced Sync to Firefox 29 Beta

Firefox 29

Following the launch of Firefox v28 a couple of days ago, Mozilla has revamped its Firefox Beta channel to the new v29 for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Notably there wasn’t much pleasing in Firefox 28, but the latest beta version serves as a prominent step for Mozilla. It includes new customization mode, modernized Firefox Sync which is now supported by Firefox Accounts, and new Australis design. Firstly, you can sync the latest browser by creating an account across all…
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Mozilla Unleashes Firefox 28 On Android and Desktop

Firefox 28

Mozilla has officially rolled out a new version of Firefox browser for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac users. Firefox 28 includes a number of features, including Web notifications on Mac, VP9 video decoding, and the support for volume controls for HTML5 video/audio. The company has added support for VP9 video decoding on desktop and Android versions. In a nutshell, VP9 is the advanced version of VP8, the two which come under an open web media project from Google which deals…
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Mozilla to Allow Click to Play By Default for Plugins from March 31

Last year, Mozilla has revealed that it aimed to ultimately need all the plugins to be ‘Click to Play’ by default, which means that the users will have to tap on their desired plugins in-page to activate them as well as view their content. And today, the company has finally announced that it will put an end to the application window for whitelisted plugins on 31st March, however, it will only start blocking by default no sooner than Firefox Browser…
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Chrome 34 Beta Brings Unprefixed Web Audio, Hands-Free Voice Search, and Responsive Images

Chrome 34

Google has finally announced the launch of Chrome 34 beta on Mac, Linux, and Windows. This leading-edge version brings a lot of enhancements, including support for responsive images and hands-free Google Voice Search. The latest hands-free Google Voice Search is the most interesting feature in the update. Simply open a fresh tab or go to via Chrome and then say ‘Ok Google’ and start your search using your voice commands. This specific feature is being unleashed eventually to US…
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Mozilla Launches Firefox Beta for Windows 8 Touch Devices

Firefox Beta

Mozilla has finally unveiled a new beta version of its Firefox browser exclusively for Windows 8 touch devices, which is absolutely ready for users to install, test as well as share their feedback and file any errors. The beta version of the browser features a brand-new tile-based Firefox start screen with a single-tap access to the Top Sites, History, and Bookmarks sections. It will also work with Touch- and Swipe-based gestures like pinch-to-zoom and one-touch swipe transitions, and also a…
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Google’s New OS Canary 34 is Available for Windows and Mac Users

Google Chrome Canary 34

Google has unleashed a latest version of its Chrome browser, Google Chrome Canary 34 designed for Mac and Windows users. In this version, the major addition is the support for Google Now cards. Google Now is basically a card-based service, which offers a very useful information all over the day; it’s a part of the Google Search app on iOS and Android, and now it is also launched on the desktop. This service is accessed through your Google account, and…
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Adblock Plus Is Launched for Safari, But Still in Beta

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus today finally launched a new beta extension for Safari users. This latest extension ensures to offer the same features as for Opera and Chrome. Adblock is now available on all the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This latest extension is available for Safari version 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, and 7.0 (with some bugs). Yet, the extension still consists of the following issues: Popups are not blocked. The number of ads that are blocked…
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