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Top Travel Add-ons/Apps for Internet Explorer 2013

Top Travel Deals from BookingBuddy

Personalize your Internet Explorer browser with wonderful add-ons for an easy access to your favorite services and content. If you are an occasional or a frequent traveler, try travel add-ons of this browser. There are several travel add-ons, which can help you in planning your travel. Given is a list of the best travel add-ons for Internet Explorer.  Hilton Accelerator View Add-on Discover the hotels in any location! You need to just select the address in any web page, and…
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Top 10 News Add-ons/Apps for Internet Explorer 2013

Google News

Stay up-to-date with the current news and stories using your browser. Internet Explorer consists of several news add-ons, which provides you the latest news in the city. Here is a list of top 10 news add-ons for your browser. Google News View Add-on Add this to your browser and enjoy the latest and the current stories and news. This is a top news add-on available in the Internet Explorer store. Baltimore Sun Accelerator View Add-on A good extension that provides…
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Top Music Add-Ons for Internet Explorer

One of the primary concerns of any user is music; this is particularly so when one is using a browser, since listening to music is relaxing when one is immersed deeply in work. For this purpose, Internet Explorer has a bunch of music add ons just for you. Iheart radio View Add-on This is one of the most popular music apps out there because of the fact that a lot of people still love listening to the radio. In fact,…
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Top Games for Internet Explorer

People use the browser more for entertainment than information these days. The sign of a successful browser is that it is compatible for a lot of games. This is exactly what Internet Explorer does. With more kids on the web nowadays, games become an indispensable part of a browser. Here are the top games for the Internet Explorer browser: Cut the rope View Game This is an award winning puzzle game that has millions of children hooked on their computers worldwide. While…
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Top Social Networking Add-ons for Internet Explorer

The modern era is one that is known for social networking. Never before in the history of mankind has a phenomenon taken so much depth in popular culture to the point where it is unacceptable for anyone to not involve themselves in social networking. From Facebook to Twitter to Myspace, every person has one or more online profiles. Internet Explorer therefore brings you the most impressive social networking add-ons: Facebook View Add-on It only makes sense for the most popular…
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