Best Opera Apps

Opera 18 Hits Android Platform

Opera 18

Opera has rolled out a tablet-optimized version of its browser on Android via Google Play Store. Gone is the oblique interface to flick through multiple pages that’s familiar to the Opera’s mobile users; it’s all about tabs instead, similar to Chrome browser on Android tablets. Now the browser is based on Chromium 31. Moreover, the tablet version adds a new user interface, which also brings the following inclusive features: The app has been improved to help discover the content easily:…
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Opera for Android Brings Video Downloads and Enhanced Startup Time


Few days ago, Opera had introduced a stable update of its beta version for Android. Now the team behind the app have improved it further in the version 15. The latest version brings plenty of new features and a Chromium-based Ice platform. This new version was developed based on the Google Chromium 28 engine, which consists of a great HTML5 support, CSS capabilities and snappy Javascript. The updated version brings smoother tab animations and enhanced startup time. Moreover, the app…
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Top 10 Productivity Add-ons/Apps for Opera 2013

Opera Internal Pages add-on

Your current browser can do a lot more than you think. Most web browsers come with several loaded features, but there are still many downloadable add-ons, which can turn your browser much more effective tool. Here is a list of the top 10 productivity add-ons for Opera browser. Install these add-ons and transform your web browser into multi-tasking workhorse. AdBlock View Add-on The most well-known extension for Safari and Chrome has stepped into Opera world now. This add-on blocks all…
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Top 10 Entertainment Extensions/Apps for Opera 2013

ExtendTube add-on

Every user is familiar with how the Opera web browser is committed with the innovation of fancy and new add-ons, which are also known as plugins or extensions. This article will be stressing on the top 10 entertainment extensions for Opera. Here is the list. Downloader View Extension The best add-on for downloading videos and audios from This particular extension adds download buttons and links for audio and videos respectively, and uses the command “save linked content as”…
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Top Grossing Extensions for Opera

Opera and independent developers have been developing and providing the users with powerful and highly valuable extensions and add-on’s for the browser. Few of these top grossing extensions have listed below. View Extension Speed Dial for Facebook is Opera’s extension for the social networking major Facebook. Almost everything, including latest pictures, friend requests, unread messages, and other notifications are accessible through the speed dial. The extension supports Russian and English. And, it is completely safe! Translator View Extension Translator is…
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Top Social Networking Extensions for Opera

Multitude of social networking extensions is offered by Opera to personalize your experience with opera. The extensions are intuitively designed and make your task of managing your social network easy. Twitter Notifications View Extension By using Opera’s Twitter Notifications you get access to the worldwide real-time information network. The Opera’s social networking extension Twitter Notifications keeps you informed about what’s happening in your areas of interest. Each and every tweet or a direct message you will immediately be notified. Pinterest…
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Top Music Extensions for Opera Browser

Opera offers few pretty cool music extensions for its browser that really enhance the surfers interface with his music interests available online. GO ShoutCastRadio Widget 3.0 Mini  View Add-on An incredible ShoutcastPlayer extension belonging to the small radio hidden application category. The extension challenges the competitors and desires to be best among them. It runs even if Opera browser is closed and appears in the applications menu. Try it out! Radio Launcher View Add-on Radio Launcher extension for Opera allows…
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Top Game Add-On’s for Opera

Opera offers a wide variety of browser specific gaming extensions. Even independent developers can develop add-ons for the Opera browser which are featured on its website along with in-house applications. Have free time. Opera games are definitely a good bet. Have fun! River IQ Game View Add-on An interesting reasoning puzzle game, this one involves the task of rowing people to the other side of the river. They differ in age, sex, profession or societal acceptance. Of course there…
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Top Education Apps for Opera

One of the key elements of any successful browser is information and how much it can help a user in getting the maximum amount of information possible from the web. In this respect, there are a multitude of apps that are compatible with the Opera browser; these apps make the browser smart and help the user access knowledge. The top apps are: Translator  View App This is one of the many browser based dictionaries. But what makes it stand out?…
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Top 10 Themes for Opera Browser

Opera browser is quick to download when compared to other browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, etc. The latest version is the fastest. Even with poor Wi-Fi connectivity it is easy to load an image rich page. As far as security is concerned the browser is considered to be the best. Because of less exposure, virus and hacking threats are low. Visual tabs and moveable tab bars are some of the unique features of Opera browser. Picea2  …
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