Best Windows Apps

Windows Media Player App

The windows media player app, the most renowned app and one of the oldest media players has been an indispensable part of our Windows PC. Windows media player app is a media player and a media player application which can play audio files, video files and also can be used for viewing images. It can be run on personal computers having Microsoft Windows as their operating system. Types of Windows Media Player App Following is the description about the three…
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Top 10+ Windows 8 Apps for Toddlers


Kids tend to take pleasure in many things during their early childhood development. These series of adventures they are inclined to engage in, are not only meant for sheer fun, but ideally, a prerequisite step in preparing them for their long-term learning. In this technological era, different technologies have vastly been harnessed to plays a vital lead in preparing children for this educational trip. Talking about technology, windows phone currently intervene through this practice, by presenting toddlers with top Windows Apps…
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Top 10+ Lock Screen Apps for Windows Phone

With high quality, well thought-out lock screen apps for Windows Phone developed and already on Windows App Store, it is highly unlikely that the default lock screen is going to be your favorite. Say goodbye to the default and perhaps boring lock screen by using recently developed apps available free to download and use from the App Store. These apps have become common among hundreds of thousands of users, as they are high quality and features a User Interface Design…
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Photography Apps for Windows Phone

Do you remember the days when you had to go all the way to a photo studio just to have your photo taken and wait a few days for the photos to be developed? Fast forward and today nearly all phones are equipped with a camera. The process takes less than a second and even toddlers can take photos. Taking a selfie has become such an ingrained part of modern culture that there is a whole billion-dollar industry as a…
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Top 10+ Exercise App for Windows Phone

It is easier to keep track of your fitness regime more than ever before. Through exercise app for windows phone one can track the speed, duration, distance and calories burnt during cycling, running or walk. You can get audio coaching to reach your goal and set new goals for your fitness regime. The history of workout can also be seen along with the route taken by you on a map. It enables you to monitor how your performance has changed…
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Top 10+ Toddler Apps for Windows Phone


It may seem unnecessary requirement, but the future lies on the shoulder of our kids. They should learn to utilize technology so they can implement their theoretical education in a better way. You may not be a big fan of these apps particularly for your toddlers, but, you might be missing some fine apps in case you keep overlooking. Apps can be used to teach toddler about counting and writing numbers. To count the number of objects the kids are…
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Top 10 Calendar Apps for Windows Phone


Highly rated, beautiful calendar apps are available for Windows phone. Above all, all these apps are available for free. You can take a look at all the features of the calendar at a glance. All the day’s appointment can be seen underneath in the month view, appointment can be displayed in tiled format as the way you want it to be displayed. You will get to know where you have to be in the next hour even though you are…
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Top10 Ringtone Maker Apps for Windows Phone


Music is the elixir of life. Without music in life, everything seems dull and mundane. It serves as the perfect gateway to divert our attention from all the things that worry us and cause us apprehension and be lost in a world immune to the touch of the real-world problems. Music transports us to a world of our own and liberates our mind from the monotony of life. Thus, having your favorite music as your ringtone on the Windows phone…
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Top 10 File Manager Apps for Windows Phone

Organization is the essence of life. Having things exactly where we want them and when we want them is an art not many have mastered. Being systematic in one’s approach towards life helps in a lot of problems being averted and increases focus and concentration. However, to manage the umpteen number of things we embroil ourselves in and arranging them according to an established pattern is a cumbersome task. Thus, having a file manager system would help immensely to sort…
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10+ Top Medical Apps for Windows Phone

A simple search on medical apps for Windows Phone on Google does return hundreds of results. Of course, this precisely means the existence of many apps with different functionalities but similar objectives. Knowing what is best and what is not will probably depend on what your needs are and what you plan to do with the app. Even then, there are apps that are just best for medical use while others are not hence not worth putting your attention to….
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