Windows Entertainment Apps

Best Audio and video Player Apps for Windows phone


All of us need time to relax and get entertained at least some minutes each day. There are limitations however, you may not have enough coins to go into throbbing clubs or other areas of entertainment but you could be having your windows phone right in your palm – you have all you need. Here are three simple reasons that make Best Audio and video Player Apps for Windows phone a good bet when it comes to matters of getting…
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Top 45+ Comic Apps for Windows

Who doesn’t like comics? We all love comics and we would love to live a life of a superhero. It is really sad when you watch your favorite super hero movie or a comic and just walk away home, now you get a chance to carry all the best of a comic with you. They are with you at all times right in your pocket, on your phone. Here are a few apps that will blow your mind. Rage Comics…
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Top 10+ Karaoke Apps for Windows Phone

When you’re with your friends hanging out and having some fun, karaoke is one thing that adds to all of it. No matter how many people are around it’s always fun to use the karaoke box and sing your favorite songs.   Sometimes it’s really not up to some people to go all the way to places that have the karaoke box. For this group of people, these set of apps are a perfect entertainment and utility. A karaoke box…
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Top 15 Christmas Apps for Windows

Christmas, the season of love, joy and sharing. Everybody loves the season for its cold, holiday spirit and the approaching of another new year.   The air feels magical and everybody is at their best. The festive mood gets to you and makes you want to swing to those carols and make merry. This year, let your phone celebrate the season along with you with a collection of the best apps for your Windows Phone. Nothing can get better than…
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Top 25 Guitar Apps for Windows Phone

The top guitar apps for Windows Phone have a variety of apps starting right from the anatomy of guitars which is quite educative, to the mastering of skills through the use of the guitar apps. There are a number of virtual guitar applications that you could carry around in your phone and also toolkits that come in handy for any kind of guitarists. A range of apps that teach you different tabs, chords and scales. With the help of these…
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Top 30+ Piano Apps for Windows Phone

Playing Piano is always fun, but very few get a chance to sit in front of a real grand piano. In a lot of scenarios people think that it’s a difficult instrument to play and end up not ignoring it. If you really love playing piano and if you are looking for an opportunity to play one then your search ends here, as you can download the app of piano and get the real feel of it. You don’t have…
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Top 50 Entertaining Apps for Windows 2015


Windows is one of the successful operating systems in the market today. This platform consists of plenty of interesting, useful and entertaining apps to grab the users’ attention. Among all the apps, there are several entertaining apps in the Windows app store to entertain the users all the time. Here is a list of the best entertaining apps for Windows platform. Have a look, you would definitely find them interesting. Facebook Connect with your friends and your family members from…
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