Windows Health & Fitness Apps

Top 10+ Yoga Apps for Windows Phone

There has never been a greater change in the health and fitness like the creation of health apps. This is a smart move, which no one ever thought would be, even for once, a clear sign there is nothing impossible with technology. Today, there are  top Yoga Apps for Windows Phone that will help you get fit once you start using them. There are hundreds of these. Some will look good to you others will not. Some will work for…
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Top Health and Fitness Apps for Windows phone


Health and life are inseparable. While this is true from the onset, today’s world is gorged with a beehive of activities that you may forget taking care of your body until some healthy risk comes knocking your way. However, the so many things that could be source of distractions can be turned around for your benefit and here is why installing top best Windows phone Health and Fitness Apps is a good idea. Health and fitness does not involve jumping…
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Best Recipe Cooking Apps for Windows 8

Food is one of the essential thing for human being. Sometimes you go to a restaurant or friends house and try some good stuff there. And then you feel like making it on your own or trying it at home. But the problem is the recipe and the process of making it. If you own a Windows 8 device, then here is a list of best apps to find recipes in food apps. Allrecipes: Allrecipes is a famous website to…
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Top Calorie Counter Apps for Windows Phone 8

People are realizing the importance of staying healthy and are slowly but surely changing their lifestyle to lead a healthier life. The importance of exercising and eating healthy food could not have created a better impact. Also, it is a fact that the use of technology and gadgets helps them to remain focused and keeps them on track with their goals. Even mobile phone can be used to track your health, and you can download apps that can keep a…
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Top Fitness Apps for Windows Phone 8

6 Week Training

It’s tough to maintain a strict fitness regime in our day to day busy schedule, but thanks to the latest apps in Windows phone, you don’t need a special trainer to get going anymore. These specific fitness apps do the job of a personal trainer, a dietician, a running coach and a physiotherapist in digital applications, and are always free to give a consultation. So here you go – the top fitness apps to help you get into shape. Runtastic…
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Top 10 Nutrition Apps for Windows

Nutrition apps for Windows help you stay fit and choose the right diet to lose weight. There are many nutrition apps that work with Windows. The top 10 nutrition apps for windows are listed below. MyFitnessPal: Download App This app is one of the best calorie counters for Windows phones. You can set your daily calorie goal, stay on track by recording your daily food intake and exercise. Calorie Counter by FatSecret: Download App This top nutrition app for Windows…
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