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Tile Art Will Become One of the Biggest App for Windows Phone Home Screen

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Microsoft’s Tile Art App for Windows Phone is one of the most powerful apps recently released by Microsoft App Developers. Created to improve usability and interaction, Windows Mobile users will now be able to tailor their home and lock screens with a parallax effect. Individuals owning Windows Phones can now customize their screens with personal pictures with the Tile App for Windows released just last week. The Tile Art allows users to upload transparent Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files, pick…
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PhotoMath app makes solving math’s equations simpler


MicroBlink has launched a new app in the market and this latest app is called PhotoMath.  The app has been released on iOS app store as well as Windows app store.  What it does is that it makes solving math’s equations and questions easier and less time consuming. PhotoMath app has the ability to solve questions and equations which the users scan using the phone’s or tablet’s camera. The app then provides the steps to solve the equations.  It recognizes…
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Skype Qik video messaging app for iOS, Android and Windows launched

Skype Qik app

Video messaging is slowly and steadily picking up pace around the world with more number of app manufacturers and big companies launching video messaging centric apps. Skype has come out with the launch of a new app for iOS, Android and Windows operating system and this new app is called Skype Qik Video messaging app. This app will enable users to send short video messages to stay connected with one another between calls. Skype Qik video messaging app allows users…
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Microsoft launches Xim Photo sharing app for Ios, Android and Windows Phone


Microsoft has come out with the launch of a new app called Xim. This app is a photo sharing platform which has been introduced on iOS app store, Google Play Store as well as Windows phone app store.  It allows users to share photos with other Xim app users. Microsoft Xim not only supports photo sharing but also lets users use the Cloud platform for exchanging photos. Some Cloud platforms that it supports are Facebook, Dropbox, OneDrive and Instagram.  Users…
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Gameloft launches Spiderman app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone


Gameloft, the popular game development company has launched Spiderman unlimited for Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.  The game has been developed by the company in partnership with Marvel and is set in New York. Spiderman Unlimited will be set in 5 different environments and this game uses Marvel’s past variations and appears in the game in 23 different avatars.  Some of these avatars include Iron Spider Man, Spider Man Noir, Future Foundation Spider-Man and several others. The good…
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Live Lock screen beta app for Windows Phone 8.1 launched

Live Lock Screen beta app

Microsoft has launched a new app for Windows Phone 8.1 users and this app is called Live Lock Screen Beta.  This application at this point allows for about 6 new lock screen layouts but is expected to come out with more. Live Lock Screen Beta app is an app which will take a space of 4 MB to download on a Windows based device.  Basically, the 6 lock screen layouts allow users to personalize their phone’s lock screens with several…
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Wacom releases Bamboo Paper note taking app on Android and Windows

Bamboo Paper App

Bamboo Paper is the name given to the latest application that has been launched by a company called Wacom.  Wacom is digitizer hardware and drawing tablet Maker Company. This app is already available for iPad users but has now been launched for Android devices owners and Windows 8 users. Bamboo Paper is basically a note taking application which has been optimized for doodles and handwritten notes.  This app works with Wacom’s Bamboo Line of tablet Styli as well as the…
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Microsoft Launched Video Tuner, a Video Editing App

Microsoft Video Tuner App

Microsoft’s Nokia devices and services division has come out with the launch of a new app which is known as Video Tuner.  This is a video editing app that has especially been designed for Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphones and is loaded with superb features and specifications. Microsoft Video Tuner offers all the basic video editing features like cropping, mirroring, trimming and flipping but apart from these options, it also comes with the facility of adding music to the videos as…
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Spider Man: Unlimited new game announced for Android, iOS and Windows

Gameloft, in partnership with Marvel has announced a new Spider Man based game for mobile devices and this game is being called Spider Man: Unlimited.  This new game is all set to be launched on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms in September this year. What is special about this game is the fact that Marvel has used several of the past variations of the superhero and users will get to see 23 different variations of Spider Man in Spider…
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Horror Hidden Object Adventure Enigmatis 2 Hits Windows Phone

Enigmatis 2

Enigmatis 2, the follow-up to the pip Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek has hit the Windows Phone Platform. It’s a horror hidden object game that keeps you on your toes with an amazing tale of interest. There’s no need to play the former version in order to understand and enjoy Enigmatis 2. Our dynamic detective is on the stream of a wicked preacher. In order to solve the mystery you are required to sort out a bevy of mini-mysteries…
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