Windows Photo & Video Apps

Photography Apps for Windows Phone

Do you remember the days when you had to go all the way to a photo studio just to have your photo taken and wait a few days for the photos to be developed? Fast forward and today nearly all phones are equipped with a camera. The process takes less than a second and even toddlers can take photos. Taking a selfie has become such an ingrained part of modern culture that there is a whole billion-dollar industry as a…
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Best photo and Video Editor Apps for Windows phone


Today‚Äôs social life is so much entangled with memories and situations that you wish not to forget a thing about. There are a number of free best photo and Video Editor Apps for Windows phone in the market as of now and knowing the major operations that you can accomplish with the aid of these apps is the best reason why you should have one installed on your gadget. Once a photo or video is taken it usually represents the…
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Top Camera Apps for Windows Phone 8

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we take photos so much that devices like digital cameras are on the verge of extinction. They have changed the concept of photography and made instant photography an instant hit. The latest smart phones with high resolution lens make taking pictures an art and these amazing apps give professional effects to your pictures, and this is what sets them apart. Given below is a list of the top camera apps for windows phone 8….
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Top Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone 8


Every smartphone now carries a camera. Users store a wide range of multimedia files like images, videos, etc on their phones. Photo-editing smartphone applications are very popular these days. Utility photo editing applications contain a wide range of features, through which you can edit your photos. The applications possess interesting specs, utilizing which you can make your photos funkier, funnier and smarter. Most of these applications support images of all formats and file types. Some of these photo editing apps…
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Top 10 Wallpaper Apps for Windows

Customizing your wallpapers is important to have just the right sights greet you when you make your phone color up into life. These wallpaper apps will let you do all that, and more. Here is a list of 10 special ones. Galaxy S3 Wallpaper Download App Get wallpapers straight and ready to use from the Galaxy S3 onto your Windows phone with this handy little app. Wallpaper Download App A handy wallpaper app sporting sleek UI design that lets you…
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Top Photo Effect Apps for Windows

There is nothing better than sharing your special moments right after you click them with your mobile camera. What is the best is being able to give them a pro edit effect by these amazing apps. Das image Download App Explore, search, save and share images from Bing, Flickr, Picasa, 500px, FFFFound and Instagram in high definition through this app. With amazing features like saving your search history, easily switching between search results and marking favorites, das Image is easily…
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