Windows Tool Apps

Best Tool Apps for Windows Phone

With the number of phone application available on the market growing each day, there is increasing need to come up with a strategy of nailing the best applications for each task. Some of the trending applications on the market include the Best Tool Apps for Windows Phone which have been taken up by several persons for their use and here are some of the reasons you should opt for them. Most of top windows apps have an attractive and user…
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Top Windows phone Battery Saver Apps


Good phones can run numerous applications at the same time without having to put a strain on productivity or processor speed but all these comes at a cost – the power expenditure is always high in most cases. However, the advent of best Windows phone Mobile Battery Saver Apps has come in handy to help you squeeze out the problem and here are the top three reasons you need them. Not all the tasks running in the background are spending…
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Top 25 Voice Recording Apps for Windows Phone

You might have a good Windows Phone which has an amazing mic that can record anything. In a lot of cases the default recorder doesn’t have many options for user. It limits the capability of a good mobile device. Earlier there were a lot apps for Android and iPhone, but there weren’t many options for Windows Phone. Now even Window Phone has a lot of apps to record voice. Here are few voice recording apps that will blow your mind….
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Top 10 Utility apps for Windows 8 phone

Searching for the best utility apps for your Windows phone? Here is a list of top 10 utility apps for you which can makes things much easier. Flashlight – X Download App An elegant phone app that provides a constant beam of light using your device’s camera LED flash. Lumia Clock Download App This app features a clock of Lumia style and has got impressive visuals which can grab yours and others attention. UC Browser Download App An excellent web…
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Top Flash Light Apps for Windows

Flash Light on your phone can be of great use in various situations like lighting up the room, opening doors in low light, searching your purse, finding your keys in dark, reading in dark, walking to the car at night, during a power outage, SOS during emergencies and many more. Few of the flashlight app for your Windows device, are discussed below. Flashlight-X Download App Flashlight-X is among the fastest flashlight app available and is unique in its use of…
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Top 10 Alarm Clock Apps for Windows

Time is constantly flowing all around us. What a clock does is to record the passage of this time, and help you manage and get the best out of it. Here are few clock apps for your windows device. 627.AM Download App 627.AM is not only an alarm clock app but an effective daily assistant as well. In addition to a wake-up alarm and a daily temperature forecast, it also allows you to create notes for your chores and activities….
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