Emergencies happen all of a sudden. And sometimes you might be all alone in that condition with nothing around. Or you might find someone in a panic situation and might feel like helping. Even if you try to help, the other person might feel frightened whether you are a trained first aid guy or not. Then you may think that you should have gone through some basic first aid training before. But in this smartphone era there are apps which bring you first-aid instruction apps.

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Any person would go out with their phones and having a smartphone is an bonus. As the Android phones can handle a lot of apps, we are going to write some Android apps for first aid too.  And we are here to list out the 4 Best Android apps for first aid. These apps will contain first aid instructions that can be performed during emergencies.

First Aid:

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First Aid app is well rated and most downloaded app among other apps in this article. This app is divided in to various categories depending upon the type of emergency. Once you select a category you can perform the first aid based on illustration or video or text given in the app. The top of the app shows: call option, tips, myths, test, and kit to be used. Download First Aid App from here.

First Aid – By American and British Red Cross:

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First Aid is an app developed by both the American and British Red Cross. Both have developed a separate application, but the apps look similar. The emergency numbers differ for the apps and rest all are same.

The app is divided in to various categories and is helpful in emergencies. The step by step instructions are provided in both videos and texts are provided in the app. The app also provides instructions on what to do during disasters to remain safe. Download any of the American or British version app which doesn’t need an internet connection.

Pocket First Aid & CPR:

pocket first aid

Pocket First Aid & CPR is only a 1.99$ USD app. It has additional features than other apps like, separate instructions for adults and kids for situations like CPR and choking. All the information that app contains is provided by American Heart association. Using this app you can be prepared for natural disasters, first aid, and CPR too. Both images, content, and videos are available in the app. Download Pocket First Aid & CPR app here.

GotoAID First Aid Lite:


GotoAID First Aid Lite is designed for general people who can use the app in emergency cases. The app contains: first aid, essentials, disaster preparedness, tools, and emergency numbers. The first aid is arranged in alphabetical order and the steps are shown step by step with images also. This app is designed for everyone and uses GPS to track nearby health care centers and emergency numbers. Download GotoAid app here.

There are more medical related apps available in the Android market. If you find some best apps, let us know in comments below.