Android Device manager introduces call back feature on lost Smartphones

Google has rolled out an update for its Android device manager app and this update brings interesting features to Android devices.  The updated app version v1.3.8 can be downloaded from Google Play Store and comes with performance improvements and bug fixes as well.

Android Device Manager App

The updated app’s most noteworthy feature is a call back button on the lock screen of a lost or stolen Android device.  This means that if ever an Android Smartphone is stolen or gets lost, the phone will call back a chosen alternative number on its own.  Users of Android devices will be able to set custom message as well a lock screen password with the updated app.  The best part about this app is that the password and message can be sent both before and after the phone gets lost or stolen.

If anyone wishes to set this feature after their device is lost, they will have to use another Android Smartphone to do so by using the guest mode. Alternatively, they can also sign into Android device manager through the web to do so.  The call back option is limited to Smartphones but it should also work on Android tablets with calling feature.

Android Device Manager Download for Android App (free)

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