It’s that time of the year where festivities are round the corner and your travel antennas must have now started looking out for good travel plan itineraries and low cost airline fares!! Yaay…it’s the year end, when December comes!! All the savings that you must have done over the year will finally pay-off although, you must be careful that you don’t end up paying too much!

Travel always has last-minute and un-called-for costs. Some that can’t be avoided like extra baggage, flip-flops during transport, loss of documents etc..Every budget needs to account for these costs so that there are no unpleasant surprises towards the end! International calling too can incur some serious damage to your pocket, unless you choose wisely!


There are umpteen number of options available that will help cut down your expenses when it comes to international calling, thereby making it a little less of a nightmare! Several pre-paid and call cards are available that help you stay in touch with your folks and family at a pretty regular interval. You can opt for a prepaid phone or calling cards where you have different plans to choose from, depending on your current destination and the country you want to call to. Some have the facility of connecting you to an English speaking operator who will then patch your call, increasing the expense. But the, this is unavoidable if required, of course. You can also directly use your cell-phone, or rent one on arrival.

This will have the international call facility provided it’s a GSM phone and it goes without saying that your operator will charge you for this service. A simple option is to use the pay-phone which several back-packers resort to, since there travel isn’t easy and they prefer carrying as less of valuables as they can with them! However, this facility has its own set of limitations. You need to step out even at odd hours to make a call and you cannot rely on payphones in times of emergencies.


Given all the choices available for making international calling an affordable venture, one particular service that I have used and loved is Rebtel. Mind-blowing savings on international calling and good connectivity is what sets these guys apart. Based in Sweden, Rebtel has taken the international telecom market by a storm with its user-database increasing by the day. And it’s totally deserved for the service that they offer is certainly worth ‘Kudos’! They have come up with innovative ways to ensure that you stay in constant connect with your loved ones back home.

A Big Saver Deal that is currently topping the popularity charts offers for example 200-something minutes to place a call to India for a mere $2.40, 300 minutes to call South Africa for $14.90, and Spain for as low as 1.6 cents/minute!! Unbelievable as it sounds, true it is! Their call costs and prepaid packages have made the other service providers run for their money!

Rebtel also offers an international calling app for all iPhone customers which will enable affordable international calls as also texting, all without burning that big hole in your pocket! If you are an Android user, Rebtel’s calling app is also available now for the Android tablet. You could use Wi-Fi or 3G, provided your tablet is 3G enabled, to call any phone in the world at low rates! Calls to Rebtel friends are free!

Hope these tips will help cut down your expenses, whilst on travel. Globe-trot peacefully, stay in touch with your near and dear ones back home and have all your exciting experiences shared, by placing that one quick next-to-nothing call!!