Fruit Ninja is a fruit slicing game developed by Halfbrick Studios. This game can be clearly explained in just 2 words, slash fruit. You find different colored juicy fruits in this game! You can enjoy to the max playing this game. After the games release, it has gained a huge popularity from the users. Are you ready to slash the fruits without even missing a single one?

Fruit Ninja App Review

This game involves colorful and juicy fruits. Varied fruits are tossed into the air which you have to slash. That is your main goal in this game. This is an easy game with simple controls. Just swipe across the fruit with your finger to slice it. That’s it! But the main thing here is you have to try to slice all the fruits without missing a single fruit. If you miss 2 fruits, that’s fine, but if you miss 3 fruits, your game is over. If your game is over, again you need to start over the game to beat your previous score.

Fruit Ninja Review

The main twist in this game is you find bombs occasionally while you play. You should not slice the bombs, if you do so, your game is over. So be careful when bombs appear along with fruits. Thinking not to lose your game, if you miss the bomb along with fruits, you lose your game. So, carefully avoid the bombs and try to slash all the fruits. The longer you play the game, the higher score you gain.

Fruit Ninja Game

The game takes place against a wooden background. It has got beautiful and colorful graphics which attract the players. The only disadvantage in this game is that you don’t find any challenging levels as you go deeper into the game. Because of that, you get bored after sometime. But openfeint leaderboard is present which allows you to compare your score with your friends. This again makes the game interesting. See who can make high score among your friends!

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