The iTooch Apps developed by the eduPad are adopted by more than 1 million users around the world and all the Worksheets included within the iTooch Apps are crafted by following the US National Common Core Standards. The Apps available at eduPad are acclaimed as a full learning solution that assists students, teachers and parents in discovering and addressing the learning needs of students in a fun way.

edupad music

From a wide range of educational iTooch Apps, the iTooch Music App is by far the most comprehensive educative tool available on both the Apple’s App store and Google Play Store. It provides a new way for the 7th and 8th graders to learn, understand, evaluate and practice music.

Edupad 1 This striking music App comprises 4 distinct themes which include The Basics, History, Theory, Cultures and Styles. Besides, the iTooch Music App even includes 73 chapters, 2,237 questions along with 220 original sound files.

Edupad 4

The Basics section of the App will help students in learning vocabulary, understanding the function of music and assists them in developing right concert etiquette. While the History section will showcase the life stories of several popular music composers who played a key role in the development of western music.

The Theory theme of iTooch Music App will help the students to find important building blocks of music and it even enhances their reading skills through ear training test. And finally the last section Cultures and Styles will aid the students in learning choral and orchestral music.

Several features that come incorporated with the iTooch Music App are listed below:

  • Includes an embedded calculator that helps in carrying out complex calculations.
  • Includes a virtual blackboard that lets students to make drafts and draw figures.
  • Each chapter comes attached with a lesson summary.
  • In-app feedback feature enables the users to directly send suggestions to the authors.

The iOS users can directly download the App for $4.99 by reaching the official App store and Android users can avail it for free at Google Play Store.