Facebook is the best social networking site, which let’s you connect with your friends from anywhere, anytime. To use it while you are on the move, we have an official Facebook app for our smartphones too.

But the official Facebook app is rumored to consume a lot of internal space on Android devices. Sometimes it is slow and laggy too. So, we found some best alternatives in the Play Store for Facebook App on Android.


Fast For Facebook:

fast for facebook

Fast for Facebook is a new app in Android Market. It has a simple interface and pleasant look. You can find: notifications, status updates, messages, albums, search option, etc. Download Fast for Facebook App here.

Stream Pro:

stream pro android

Stream pro is a Facebook client. You can manage pages, view news feeds, send private messages, add events, notes, and view notifications. The app has different themes also. Download Steam Pro a Facebook alternative here.

SocialBind for Facebook:



SocialBind for Facebook is a Facebook client for Android. It looks exactly same as Facebook (as you can see in the above screenshot). The app has full screen toggle mode, Facebook messenger, save image, photo uploading, launch YouTube videos, multilingual support, and more. Try SocialBind for Facebook by downloading from here.


These alternatives for Facebook are good to handle and rectifies the backdrops in original Facebook App. If you like to use Facebook on your smartphone, then try these alternatives. you can also design your Facebook cover pictures using these apps that we listed here.