Blockbuster has took another step forward and designed a new Android App to improve the customer experience. This latest App will allow all it users to navigate through a catalog that comprise of more than 10,000 movie titles and game titles.

Users can manage the blockbuster App with the Mail queue feature and check for latest movie or game releases at you nearest blockbuster store.

Blockbuster App

This free App is now available for all registered members of the blockbuster. Several additional features related to the App are:

  •  Users can search for games and movies along with their rating, available formats and file size etc
  • Organize movie and games by title, favourite actors and genres
  • Users can add or remove movie titles from the mail queue
  • Register with the store to acquire in-store membership that helps you in visiting the physical blockbuster store without any card
  • Track your nearest local blockbuster store
  • Navigate through the App that is available in both English and Hindi

 Blockbuster Android App

Most of the movie watchers prefer movies of DVD quality and Blu-ray quality, with this App now users can watch movies on mobile devices. Several other functionalties are provided for the registered Blockbuster member and they can access a catalogue of 100,00+ movie at their fingertips.

The App works fine on Android operating system and this free App is now available ate Google play store and Amazon App store.

Download link: