BMX Boy is a cool, funny game developed by Runner Games. The gameplay is very simple but addictive and provides you more fun. This is a pretty exciting and an interesting game.

BMX Boy App

In this game, as a player, you take the control of a bicycle rider who need to accelerate or jump over the obstacles that come in his way. The controls are so simple in this game. To control your bicycle, you are provided with 2 virtual buttons on your screen. Accelerate button is present on the left side of the screen, whereas the jumping button is present on the right side of your screen. Your main objective is to accelerate your bicycle and jump over the obstacles whenever necessary and collect the items like stars, and trophies that are available along your way. If you complete a level without even dying once, you earn a better score.

BMX Boy Game

The game takes you to 3 unique and colorful worlds and consists of several challenging and addicting levels. You can do any kind of trick and you find many obstacles on the road, like cows, rocks, cars, and many more. Try to overcome all the obstacles, extend your journey and get a high score. In this game, you won’t find any store to upgrade your vehicle or to customize your character.

BMX Boy Review

The plus point in this game is having checkpoints. You don’t have to restart your level if you lose your life, you can start your game from the previously crossed checkpoint. But if you continuously lose your life for several times, you will be sent back to the starting point. Overall, this is a very entertaining and enjoyable game to pass your time. The user interface is pretty cool. The graphics are good. It’s worth downloading this game.

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