Square has come out with the launch of a new app for Android and iOS device users and this app is called Register.  This is a platform which allows businesses to track and monitor their inventories, sales and other such data from their tabs and Smartphones.

Square Register

Register from Square is a mobile app which can be used at the point of sales.  This is a method or platform which allows sellers to drill into their businesses with much more modern and sophisticated reporting tools so as to grow the business further and run it smoothly.  This app is available in several languages so that it can be made accessible to different parts of the world and these languages include English, Spanish, French, and Japanese etc.

Another special thing about Register app is the fact that it supports over 130 currencies.  For those business owners or executives who are often on the go but need to keep track of the business’s data, this app is a perfect companion as it makes monitoring so easy and quick.  To download the app, you can log onto your Android or iOS device’s app store and install it for free.

Square Register Download for Android

Square Register Download for iOS