Coursera Unveils Its Online Learning Service On Android

Coursera, the acclaimed online educational technology company, has finally rolled out an Android version via Play Store. This release comes over 3 months after the company had unleashed its iOS app, its first native mobile version.


The latest Android version follows the footsteps of its iOS counterpart. Both of them are designed to keep students hooked with more than 600 courses on the service, which are offered by over 100 educational institutions, on the go.

Users will be able to enroll in courses, stream their desired lectures or save them to view offline, and organise all their content directly from the app. Moreover, the app mainly focuses on reaching students around the world, and in that way, the Android version comes in 12 different languages.

Android users can download the Coursera app right from the link provided below. The app is compatible with devices running on Android version 4.0 and above.

Coursera download link for Android (free)

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