Facebook, a leading social media giant has launched a pages manager App for all its Android users. The features of the App are quite similar to its iOS counterpart.

This new Facebook App will provide every page admin with an ability to update their news and place photos across across several pages on the Facebook. Users with this new App can view and give response to private messages , get page notifications whenever a user or someone interacts or comments on their posts.

Facebook Android App

Users can now view the page insights on their mobile device. An official statement was made by the Facebook authorities that App will be available for android-powered devices in some parts of the world such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The App will be rolling out in other parts of the world in coming few weeks.

Facebook Page Manager App

After the release of iOS version of App in the May 2012, Facebook has took sometime to launch the Android version as Android OS is not capable of providing the admins with an option to add and promote offers on Facebook through a smart phone.

The Facebook has been maintaining silence in the release of Pages manager App for android devices. All Facebook users can now download the android version of the App at Google Playstore.

Download link to get the App:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.pages.app.