Call of Duty: Heroes is the name of the latest gaming app that has made its entry on the Android and iOS app store.  This gaming app is for fantasy game lovers who like a good fight, strategy building and graphic rich action.

Call of Duty®

Call of Duty: Heroes involves building and protecting your base and raiding the bases of the other players.  This game also involves collecting of Celerium which is the game’s premium currency that lets you speed up the process of building your arsenal or buying resources.  Each of the heroes present in this game has his/her own special powers and ability.  Even the progression path of each of the heroes is unique.  Some other amazing features of this game include launching your own missile drone strikes, control mini guns in person and others.

This new gaming app features a sci-fi look and is available on the Windows platform as well.  Many would think that this game is similar to Clash of Clans but what makes it really different are the special abilities that each of the character or heroes has.   So if you are in for some action and adventure, download this game on your phone.

Call of Duty®  App Download for Android

Call of Duty®  App Download for IOS