Google Fit for Android now available from Google Play Store

Google has launched its new fitness tracking app called Google Fit for Android users on the Google Play store.  The app is compatible with devices running on Android 4.0 or higher and can be linked to the Google account of the users.


Google Fit acts as a central dashboard for tracking the user’s fitness activities and uses the sensors inbuilt on the Android device in order to track the steps that have been walked by the user.  Some other things that this app is designed to measure or calculate are calories burned, weight history and the other health related data.  Some exercises which can be added by the user on this app are cycling, running and activity goals too can be set.  The good news here is that even third party devices and apps can be connected to Google Fit.

Google Fit also enables the users to access their health data through their google account on the web.  All those who are really into tracking their health or fitness related activities can really benefit from this app as it also works well with Android wear. To download it, log onto the Google Play store on your Android device now!

Google Fit Download app for Android

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