Did you know that most people purchase Smartphones and tablets by judging the kind of keyboard that the device has? Well, a keyboard is surely the most important part of any device which can be used for any type of texting or typing.

The easy usability and simple interface of a keyboard can thus be a deciding factor. But with a large number of cool keyboard apps, almost all phones can be made much more functional and typing-friendly. The same is also true for Android devices. The Google Play Store offers a plethora of keyboard applications that are meant to improve the keyboard or typing experience of users on the Android phone or tab.

While some of these keyboard apps are visually stunning and can be downloaded for their visual appeal, others may make typing faster and simpler. So whatever your requirement of a keyboard app is, there is definitely something on the app store for you.

Some keyboard apps also have the option of auto correct which identifies spelling mistakes and corrects them automatically. With such apps, who needs to worry about making typos. Having such an app is like having a personal editor, which allows you to write flawless texts.

The keyboard apps present on the Android app store are both free of cost and paid. So depending upon your need or requirements, you too can download a few and make the experience of using the keyboard much more fun! To help you avoid the confusion, we have selected the top keyboard apps for Android.

Swype Keyboard Free


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Minuum Keyboard Free


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Google Keyboard


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 Fleksy Keyboard Free


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ai.type Keyboard Plus


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Emoji Keyboard


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Thumb Keyboard


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 Kika Keyboard


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GO Keyboard (Emoji Free)


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