First Bengali storytelling app launched In Kolkata

For all those who would love to teach their children the various old Grandma’s stories, there is good news!  A new Bengali Storytelling app has been launched on the iOS app store in Kolkata and this app consists of stories written by legendary writer Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury.

This is an app through which children can have access to narrations of popular children‘s verses in Bengali. Ray Chowdhury is the grandfather of the popular film maker Satyajit Ray and had left a legacy of children’s stories with titles ‘ Gupi Gyne’, Gupi Gyne Bagha Byne’ and ‘Tuntunir Boi’.  All these works were also later translated on screen by Satyajit Ray and are hence even more popular and loved, especially in Kolkata.

These children stories have been adapted into audio files for iPhones and iPads by an artist called Srikanto Acharya Productions.  This particular app is called Tuntunir Story told by Srikanto Acharya and can be downloaded by logging onto the iTunes app store.  The storytelling is made even more fun and realistic with the help of background music and supporting tunes.  This app will also later be available on the Android app store for Android phone and tab users.