The latest social networking app which has been launched on the Android operating system platform is called Klout.  This is a platform which is designed in such a way that people can be known for what they love.

Klout social networking app

Klout is a platform which analyses the largest collection of cross-network social information and makes personalized content recommendations and suggestions which can help one create better content.  The idea is that by gathering better content, one becomes more enhanced in terms of reputation and his/her online influence keeps on increasing.

This is a great app for professionals who wish to be popular in their social circuits and professional networks.  This app helps them advance in their career and build a certain audience or clients.  This is also a superb application for those people who love sharing their passion with the world.

Klout has a feature called topic explorer through which one can enhance the personalized content stream by the means of expanding list of interests and online topics. Moreover, this app comes with tags that help users to identify the latest trending content and makes smart recommendations based on user’s previous choices.  To download this app, you can log on Google Play store.