Knock-An Android mobile messaging app with a twist!

Knock is the latest Android application that is now available to all Android device owners. This is a mobile messaging app with a twist which is based on a very interesting concept and will prove extremely useful for all users.

Knock Messaging app

By using this app, you can stimulate an incoming call on the phone of a person to whom you have just sent a text message.  The message must be sent using this app so that the call can get the attention of the recipient and make him/her read the text.  When the call goes to the recipient, the screen looks a little different to your friend and does not have the usual accept or reject options.  The screen will just have the text message notification along with an option to say yes or no.

Knock’s limiting factor is the fact that users may not be able to convince their friends to download this app as well.  Moreover it is restricted just to Android device which is yet another restricting thing about the application.  By clicking on ‘yes’ or ‘no’, the recipient answers the question or text of the sender and can even share his/her current location. To download this app, you need to go to the Google Play Store in your Android phones.

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